Officially 1 Year!

Talofa Palanis (I will never get tired of saying that ha ha)!  
This past week went pretty well and everything is starting to pick up in the new area, but it is still stressful because I am basically training Elder Mason even though he has been trained by his past two companions.  It is helping me grow a ton, but it is so much to get used to at the same time.  These next couple of weeks are going to be about gaining the trust of the members so that we can get everything rolling; the good thing is that the stake that I am in has so much potential and almost everyone in the stake is missionary minded and ready to get stuff done which is awesome.  I love being busy because it keeps you out of trouble and it feels good too.  I am excited about getting exposure in this stake and putting myself out there because it gets the members excited and it boosts their confidence.  I really enjoy being here, but I’ve got to admit that I miss the K a ton at the same time.  Today at Walmart I ran into two people from my last area.  The first one was Bishop Kivalu of the Pesega ward (the most legit Samoan ward ever) and also someone from the Academy Park ward, but I didn’t quite recognize them.  I am sure I will grow to like this area too, but it will take a little more time to get used to for sure.  It feels so weird that I have been out a year and at the same time it doesn’t, because so much has gone on this past year.
I Love Everyone Of Y’all & I Wish Y’all The Very Best!
Love Always,
Elder Theodosis
(P.s: Could you send me updates about Texas This College Football Season? Much Appreciated! Hook ‘Em Horns!)

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