Slow But Great Week In West Jordan

Talofa Everyone!
This week was pretty tough, but things are slowly starting to pick up as we keep moving on.  Things are going fairly well with Elder Mason and me, and we are both trying to adjust to each other’s work ethics because we have completely different mentalities right now as far as the work goes.  We have both been trying to limit the time that we stay at members’ homes, because it is really easy to do that here – all of the members here are extremely cool with missionaries and we get fed every single night except Monday because it is our preparation day.
We have a ton of potential investigators coming out of the woodwork and we even have someone named Ryann Davis on date for the 15Th of September, so that is awesome.  She is a 13 year old that went to girls camp with a ton of the young women in the 9Thward (the ward she is in) and she had so much fun that she wanted to be a part of the church.  Part of her family is extremely active in the church as well, so girls camp is not the only thing that triggered this desire.  She told us in a lesson we had with her yesterday that she wants to be a part of a group that her extended family takes to heart and not get baptized just to get baptized.
This stake has so much potential it is actually ridiculous, but at the same time it is awesome too because every single one of the wards is missionary minded.  Some are a little more than others but everyone definitely wants to get stuff done.  This week we came across some K-Town like stuff one day we went tracting in a neighborhood in one of our wards; we came across a house where the garage door was half way open and there were two people sitting inside of the garage about in their teenage years.  We started talking to them and eventually made our way into the garage and I saw them using this ridiculous looking machine and I asked them what it was; they told me that it was hookah and they asked if we wanted some, but we had to say no! They looked extremely high when we talked to them.
This transfer has been testing me a whole lot in the humility department as well as in the patience department.  I don’t know if I have ever felt this overwhelmed before in my entire life, but I know that I will just grow from it and gain experience as well, so I try to stay as positive as I can so that I can change for good.  As I hit my one year mark this Thursday, it will all be downhill from there!  I will need to do as much as I can so that I can do the things I learn even after my mission, because I know that if I do I will be able to always feel closer to God.  I am in chapter 27 of Mosiah and it is actually really interesting because I have been able to pick up certain things from it that have to do with the things we do now in the church regarding the temple & the roles of a bishop.  More than anything though, I have seen a lot that has to do with Trials of Our Faith.  We all have them every single day of our lives whether we want them or not, and we all receive results from every single trial of our faith that we are put through whether they be negative or positive.  When we do everything that we can to grow from these trials we can see results kind of like someone who tries to start their own business. You might fall a little at first, but as you keep on putting in your effort to try and be successful you start to see those positives overtake the negatives and then you increase in experience so that you can expand even more in your business.  It applies with each of us, and when we include God in our plans we start to see how much better it can be in each of our lives.  God bless each and everyone of y’all!
Take Care Of Yourselves And Know That I Want The Very Best For Each Of You!
Love Always,
Elder Theodosis



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