Great Fun Filled Week!

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Palanis!

This past week was great! We planted tons of seeds, and we found 3 more people that we can start teaching now too! There were a couple of crazy experiences that we had this past week and one of them included some guy forcing us to stay and watch the final seconds of the USA vs Belgium game so we will start with that one. We were going to go to someone elses house, but we saw this guy’s garage door open so we decided to go in and introduce ourselves to him. He said that he wasn’t interested in a message, but he wouldn’t mind talking to us for a bit. We were about to leave because nothing was happening, and then he told us to stay and watch the final moments of the game.

After that was over I went over to the basketball hoop that they had where his older kid was playing basketball and I tried to dunk it, but little did I know that trying to do that would lead to a challenge. He wouldn’t let us leave until I made one. There were many failed attempts before I actually made one. When I made one he was really happy and gave me a high-five & a pound. He said that we could stop back by whenever so a couple of days later we went back to that same area to talk to the people that we originally had planned to see. We stopped to talk to the neighbor because we saw them outside, and after a little while Dean the sports guy invited us into his house. We shared the message of The Restoration with him. It went awesome! He asked for a Book of Mormon after the lesson and said that he was interested in reading it. I happened to put a Book of Mormon in earlier that day and so I handed him the one I had. He is interested in reading the Book of Mormon, and learning more about it, but he doesn’t want to meet with us right now. I think it is ok though because I believe that this will go somewhere in the near future so it’s all good!

We also had another cool experience walking in the park in our area. There are always tons of people hanging out there so on Saturday we went by and talked with people as we were heading home. We talked with this lady who was nice to us, but not too interested. After we talked to her though, we had a group of teenage kids come up to us and ask if there was any possible way that their Brazilian friends could meet with the missionaries. It was awesome!
They didn’t live in our area, but we gave them two pass along cards with one being & We explained to them that if they went to they could type in their address and request missionaries to come to their area so they could be taught. I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome that was to be able to have that happen to us because I know that that will in fact lead to something great!

We had fast & testimony meeting yesterday and I had the opportunity to bear my testimony on those two experiences. I thought it was great because I got to add some humor in along with being real with the people. It is crazy how many different ways you can reach out to people. I personally find fun in it whenever I find opportunities to express my personality to others. That doesn’t mean that I will randomly go around to people’s houses and dunk basketballs, but I will at least get to know them, and try to find ways to leave a nice positive impression. It won’t always end up like that, but when you take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself you find satisfaction in just about everything. Oh yeah, my companion also turned the ripe old age of 19 this past week!

I hope that all of y’all are doing well and that you all had a happy 4th of July! I know I did!
Sorry no pictures this week!

Take Care & Love Always,

Elder Theodosis


Training Is Tough, But It’s Getting Better!

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Sole’s!

This past week was great, and a whole lot of good things have been happening in Drape-Town!  Elder Bell has been adjusting pretty quickly to everything, and I have been extremely impressed with his results too!  As of last week his social skills have jumped, his teaching skills have doubled, and his stress levels have dropped like crazy;). Training has been a huge learning experience and I have learned a whole lot from all that has gone on in the past month or so with training him. There are still lots of times where I will find myself stressing over certain things, but overall things have gotten a whole lot better and we usually are able to find things to talk about each day so that is a plus.

We had a miracle happen yesterday where we had one of our Ward Mission Leaders text us about a family that has a kid that is 9 and wants to be baptized. The family that is planning on adopting him want him to be baptized before they adopt him, and the kid wants to be baptized so it is win-win.

Elder Bell & I are both excited about everything that is happening in this area, and even though we aren’t really teaching a whole lot of people right now there is a whole lot of contacting/talking to people that still needs to be done!  There isn’t really anything else that is going on in the area right now, but hopefully something else good will pop up that I can share with y’all.  Take care of yourself everybody, and I look forward to seeing y’all soon!  I’m getting more and more anxious, but don’t worry I’m not trunky, hahaha.

Love Always,
Elder Theodosis

Great Week Full Of Improvement!

Talofa Sole’s!

Sorry for not emailing y’all yesterday, but it is because they moved our preparation day to today. Reason why is because we are going to be going to the temple today! We will be going to the Draper temple today to do a session so that will be fun because I haven’t gone inside the Draper temple before! This past week was great for Elder Bell and me! I will admit that training isn’t easy and most of the time it feels like a parenting job, but it promotes a whole lot of growth for you and for them. We had Kaden’s baptism last Saturday and it went really well too! It was Elder Bell’s first baptism in the mission so I’m glad that he was able to experience that for himself because he has been stressing out a ton with everything that has been happening so it was a good stress reliever for him, ha ha.

That is about it from here. Sorry again for not forewarning y’all about having our preparation day on Tuesday, but this is honestly the last time that this will happen because this will be my last temple trip with my district so it’s all good! Pictures next week! Stay safe and take care of yourselves!

Love Always,
Elder Theodosis

PS: I got the school schedule and it looks like it will definitely be a fun way to get back into the routine of doing “school stuff” haha. I’m looking forward to it and thanks for all of the help! I love you mom!

Better Week By Far!

Talofa O-A-Mai Oe Sole’s!

This past week was a whole lot better, and we (Elder Bell & I) were able to get to know each other better. Elder Bell has been doing a whole lot better with getting used to everything, and he has definitely taught me a whole lot and helped out a whole lot too! He still misses talking to his family everyday, and he frets over little things that happen or don’t happen, but that is normal for everybody.

He has been getting better with his teaching skills and he invited someone for the first time to be baptized, and they said yes as well! I have mostly been trying to find opportunities for him to get a little experience, and when they come I let him take them. He has done pretty well with it too! He was a little nervous when I told him that he was going to have to teach the first lesson, but it was mostly because he thought that I was telling him to teach the entire lesson when I was going to jump in when he needed help!

I have mostly been telling him constantly to be himself because nobody likes a robotic missionary that simply goes up to people/members just to ask them for names, but not to get to know them personally. The way we usually ask people for referrals is by first off asking if there is anybody who we can do service for and then we work our way into asking people about people that we can go by to see. The work here is mostly successful if you work though the members, but sometimes you do have to put yourself to work by doing things yourself.

We are supposed to be having a baptism this Saturday for Kaden. He is the 9-year old who we have been teaching for at least a month and a half to two months now. This will be Elder Bell’s first baptism so it should definitely be an exciting experience for him to be a part of that!

We had a huge fire in our area that caused a some delays, but it got taken care of and nothing else happened. I don’t believe anybody was hurt or badly injured so that was definitely good to hear! I got a couple of pictures because I just wanted to, so I will show them later.

Elder Bell is a super healthy eater and he doesn’t really eat too much. He is probably the only person on this entire planet that has said multiple times that he loves vegetables. We got the chance to weigh ourselves last Saturday when we were doing service for this lady and so I ended up finding out that I weigh 208 while he only weighed 129. Along with helping him adjust to missionary life, I have also had to become like his own nutritionist as well – I try to help him eat a little bit more and branch out a little with the foods he eats. He will not eat or take in fat though which I find kind of interesting.

We walk everywhere so we get our exercise pretty regularly which is good, but he still doesn’t like eating fatty foods which I find kind of weird, but I guess is a good habit to have.I think I should probably look more into that too haha. I don’t really have too much else to say and I’m probably putting y’all to sleep so I’ll let you guys go.

9 more Preparation Days after today! I will see y’all soon!
Take care and stay safe!

Love Always,
Elder Theodosis





Hard Week, But New Opportunities

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Sole’s!
Transfers were this week and Elder Collins unfortunately got the boot. He is now in the Sandy Willow Creek Stake in Sandy now, and I think he will enjoy it a ton because he is going to be in another really nice area! I am staying in Draper, and I am training now.
My companion’s name is Elder Bell and he is from Aztec, New Mexico. As of today he has been out for 6 days in the mission field so he has been a little shell-shocked about everything! This is his first time in his entire life where he has lived away from home so it has been pretty difficult for him the first couple of days, but I think that he should be able to adapt pretty quickly. Oh, and he is one of the 18 year old missionaries. He graduated from High School on May 19th and went into the MTC on May 21st.

I remember thinking about how fun it would be to train, but that thought has completely vanished. It is more hard work with a little bit of stress than it is fun. I have no idea what I am doing right now, and I have found myself slowly getting more and more irritated because there are many habits that you need to help your trainee break and others to help them develop. Their life is basically in your hands, and what you do with it now determines what type of missionary they will be in the future. I seriously hope I don’t screw this up whether it be for 6 weeks or the rest of my mission that I am with him.

We are both starting to at least get to know the area a little bit more, but we have a lot more that we need to get done before we can actually say much more about the progress in the stake. We have one person who we are trying to help prepare for baptism;  they were scheduled for baptism on the 14th, (this coming Saturday) but we are going to have to move the date back a little more so that he can go to the ward that he lives in more. It is a 9-year old kid named Kaden Askeroth that we are helping prepare for baptism this month. He wants to get baptized and everything so we are gonna help him out with that so that he can be a part of the crew.
I remember saying that I was going to write you guys back as soon as I could, but I will try to see whenever I can. Since I am now training I will probably have to limit writing letters, so whenever some time opens up I will try to see what I can do. Sorry about all of the trouble! Please pray that I will not mess this new missionary up, but that I can actually get him off to a great start. I don’t want to regret anything after I am done with this. I hope that everything is going extremely well for y’all back home, and that your Summer is getting off to a great start! I love and miss all of y’all, and I hope to see y’all soon!
Love Always,
Elder Theodosis
charlies past district

Another Great Week

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Soles & Palanis!

This past week was great! We first started out golfing at this really nice golf course (it was a 4-star course) in the mission. It was pretty fun, but we went through an entire box of 30 golf balls in the first 14 holes. We ended up having to find golf balls from people in the past and I think that I might have accidentally taken someones golf ball that was in play, but I don’t know. It was still fun, but we did get a little frustrated because we rarely ever hit the ball straight or high enough. We both got pretty nice tans though so it’s all good haha.

We picked up a new investigator this past week too!  His name is Victor and he was previously taught by missionaries a while ago, but he doesn’t remember much. He told us that he is looking for a church to join and if he can’t find any fault as he looks for a church then he will  join it. So far he has been asking tons of questions about the Plan of Salvation, but we haven’t even gotten to that lesson yet. We will soon though. It should be extremely interesting to see how it plays out with Victor in the future.

I had the chance to go to a baptism in my last area for someone that I had previously taught so that was pretty cool! His name is John Elkins and he is either 14 or 15 and he is a complete stud! When I taught him in the past he was ready and excited to receive the lessons along with everything else too! This was also the case on Saturday too because he was super excited to be baptized and become a member of the church! I’m happy for him too! There wasn’t anybody that I could think of from the area that could take us to the baptism so I asked “Uncle” Tab to take us so I have spent some bonding time with him hahaha. I probably broke a rule, but I’m still getting used to calling them my family so it didn’t really feel like anything bad at all. It was pretty fun and he took us out to Applebee’s for lunch after we went to the baptism and we were able to talk for a good bit, so we got to know him a little bit more there.

Transfers are this week, and I am freaking out because I think I might  be getting transferred, and Elder Collins says that one of us will be training so we will see. The main reason why I feel like I will be transferred is because of the Bingham’s. Not that I have anything against them it is just because they have the family label on them, but I don’t know anything. For all I know everything could stay the same so we will see what happens.

I love and miss all of y’all and hope that everything is going well back home!

Love Always,

Elder Theodosis

Ps: Hey Andy I found out that you are good friends with a guy at your work named Drew. We stopped by a family in my area that knows him really well. If you got pictures the other day then it was from that family we talked to the other day.