It’s the Final Countdown!

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Palanis!  This past week was great and there was a whole lot that happened! The first thing that I can think of that happened was of course being able to go to the aquarium with some members last Monday for a Preparation Day activity; it was super fun too because we got to see a whole lot of crazy things! I would upload pictures of it, but I won’t be able to this week because I am not at a computer that allows me to do so. Sorry about that. 

The awesome thing that happened this past week was that Antwon got baptized and confirmed! We got it all taken care of the week before stake conference so that was good because had it been next week he most likely wouldn’t have been able to get confirmed on that Sunday. Antwon is going to get sealed to his family on the 27th of this month, and they are inviting us to go so that should definitely be a fun way to go out of a mission! 
I am getting pretty excited, I honestly won’t lie ~ I am excited about being back with all of y’all soon!  So although I do try to shoo it off as much as possible, I only do that because I want to finish strong, and come home with absolutely no regrets so please don’t take any offense to that. Expect next weeks letter to be extremely short because what ever happens this week I will be able to tell you a couple days afterwards.
I Love & Miss y’all, and hope that y’all continue to take care of yourselves!
Love Always, 
Elder Theodosis

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