Baptism This Week!

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Palanis! (If you forgot what this random saying that I continue to use is, it means hello, how are you white people). Sorry, I thought that I would bring that up because I don’t know if you remember little things like that haha!

This past week went well minus the fact that I found out that I got an ear infection in my left ear (swimmers ear, but I have not been swimming I promise) ! It is starting to get better, and I have actually been using ear drops to help out with it to, so it is all good!

Time has been flying by like crazy now, and the members aren’t helping one bit. I think one thing that you do learn here while serving is to ask better questions of the missionaries in your area. The top three questions that you get from serving a mission in Utah are: 1. How long have you been out, 2. Where are you from (nothing wrong with that), 3. How much time do you have left – probably the worst question to ask someone who is getting ready to lay the hammer down in their area before they have to go home). I have honestly gotten more frustrated with questions #1 & #3 than I have the 2nd one. I know the members aren’t looking to create anything bad, and that they are all either curious or excited for the missionaries, but I hope that I don’t ask those questions a whole lot after my mission to the missionaries because it has made it a little more difficult for me to focus; no doubt missionaries around the world have the same issue with that question too.

Antwon, the kid we are teaching is getting baptized this Saturday! Elder Bell & I are extremely excited about it too! Antwon will shortly after be adopted by the family, and then sealed to them. They invited us to go to the sealing with them, but we have to figure things out first before we know whether or not we can go. I personally think that would be an awesome way to end a mission because you don’t hear about it happening that often anymore. If we were to go it would be on the 26th of this month.

We have a couple of investigators that we are planning on picking up this week so that will be awesome! I know I probably won’t be here for the time that they are baptized, but it would still be fun to work with them in the time being. I honestly,
to tell you the truth, don’t really care who all comes to the airport to see me. I say whoever would love to greet me at the airport can go, family are welcome to go if time allows them to be there, but if not, then I would be happy to see y’all later that day!

I’m not trying to sound frustrated, it is just that I am trying to not think too much about all that right now. Thank goodness I still have 2 weeks left to do all this! I love y’all, and miss y’all, but I know that I can’t skip right to the finish line yet. It will have to be after I get off the plane in Houston. I honestly didn’t think I would ever be sounding like this, but it’s a good thing right? I sure hope so because I have been able to see the difference that it has made in other people since I have been here and it is awesome! Actually after we finish emailing we are going to go to the aquarium with some investigators today so it will be a blast! I will try and take LOTS of pictures for next week along with the baptism photos too. Take care everyone! I love, and miss y’all! I have loved all the gifts and everything that everyone has been sending me! It has been awesome, and Elder Bell/ I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

Love Always,
Elder Theodosis


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