Bouncing Back in Drape-Town!

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Palanis!

This past week we were able to bounce back a good bit in Drape Town, and find more joy & smiles instead of frustration & stress! It was great! We currently are working with 1-2 people, and helping them work towards baptism on the 16th of August so that should be great!

That was awesome to hear about Cindy’s job raise! That is sweet! I knew I came from a hard working family, but that proves the case even more haha. Congratulations Cindy on the accomplishment, and don’t stop there!

There were a whole lot of people that we talked to this past week, and we handed out a ton of pass along cards too! I remember when I was super apprehensive about talking to people, but it is actually a whole lot more enjoyable now. All you have to do to have fun with it, is to look for clues when you talk to them, and get to know them personally. Elder Bell knows a little bit of Espanol, and I know enough to say “I know little Spanish” so we were able to communicate to some people by doing that , and it’s fun. I don’t have to worry about looking stupid because I am preaching the gospel while doing it. I have officially gotten to the point where I am actually going to start phrasing how long I have been out differently. Reason why is because whenever members ask us how long we have been out I would say 22 months. It is the truth, but I’m starting to cringe more whenever I hear it because people are always like “oh, you’re done!” or “It’s smooth sailing from here”, and I hate it. I didn’t like the question when I was first out because I was thinking this was going to last forever, but now I don’t like it because I know that I am not done, and that I’m not finished until I get off the plane in Houston. I’m going to start saying “more than a year” now because it sounds a whole lot more comfortable, and it makes it sound like I have tons of time left!

I have seen myself change a whole lot since I have been out; I have actually been able to come to understand myself more throughout the growth process since I have been out here, and I love it! I can now boldly say that I know that Jesus Christ is our savior, that the Book of Mormon is true, and that this gospel is true! To be completely honest with you, I don’t think I could have told you all that two years ago — in fact I know that I wouldn’t be able to but I can now.

Elder Bell has gotten a little bit better from the last time we emailed you, and he is eating a whole lot more now which is great. I have learned a whole lot of healthy eating habits from him, and I actually love grilling vegetables now! They taste so good, and I have been using a ton of olive oil with them too! We still enjoy walking everywhere because although we have a huge amount of ground to cover we are able to talk to so many more people than if we were in a car. Elder Bell like me loved to workout a whole lot before the mission, but he would do a whole lot of running. I personally don’t like to run unless I am doing something while I run so we do workouts at our house every morning at 6:30 am. Elder Bell does 15 minutes of lifting weights as prescribed by a member nutritionist, and then does 10-15 minutes of cardio. He would actually originally have done cardio the entire time, but since his weight is so low he has had to mix it up because he doesn’t have anything left to lose on him. I on the other hand have gotten to the point where I do stretches for the first little bit and then afterwards lift weights on a bench press set that we have so it is pretty nice!

It doesn’t even feel like I am coming home in a month, but I am pretty excited. I have a whole lot more I need to finish up here before I can think about that though. Wish me luck in my last month on the mission! I love and miss all of y’all, and hope that y’all continue to stay safe!

Love Always,
Elder Theodosis


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