Stressful Week

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Palanis!
This past week was definitely a trial-filled week, but there were some positives to it. Elder Bell & I ended up staying together for this next transfer so I will be dying (in mission terms) in Draper. Only 3 areas, hahaha. Elder Bell had his colonoscopy Thursday and they found some things that I won’t go into full detail about because I will either gross you out, or not get it right.  After all of that was done we met back up, and some member took us both to Astro Burgers. I didn’t order anything, but the members let me get a drink so I got a Powerade. The members that took us “force fed” Elder Bell and told him that he would either need to eat the bread that came with his meal or he needed to drink all of the milkshake that the members got for him. He chose the shake, but asked while drinking it if he needed to eat the entire thing. The member responded by cussing at him, and telling him to drink the D*#$ shake!  He downed the entire thing after they said that to him. We both found it funny afterwards so it’s all good!
Elder Bell has lost so much weight and he is now down to 122. I don’t think I ever told you how tall he is, but he is 6’1. Not a small kid. He is “so healthy” that he has a habit where he looks at the nutrition label for everything that he eats, and he doesn’t eat fats at all. Right now we are trying to help him get into a habit where he won’t have a problem with eating them, and that is part of the reason why I gave him all my McDonald’s gift cards. He is literally almost all bones, but he has a little bit of skin left.  I have had to learn a whole lot about patience with a little dose of faith/charity since I have been with him, but I honestly don’t know if it is actually going anywhere because it seems like things have started to get more difficult.  The reason why I am freaking out so much is because I’m stressing about getting everything all done that I need to in this transfer before I finish.  I can’t afford to waste any more time, but at the same time I need to help Elder Bell keep up. This probably looks, and sounds like a complaint email, but I honestly don’t know what else to say because I have been completely buried under negative things this past week.
A couple of positive things though that have happened this week is that we put Antwon on date for August 16th, and we picked up a new investigator too. We had to hand off Alexa (12 year old) & Kaylie (10 year old) to the ward so that the ward can fellowship them until they are ready to be taught again, but there will be others that pop up that we can start teaching because anything is possible if you trust in God.  We had this thing happen in our area this past week called Draper Days, and it was a gigantic festival with tons of things. Although I had never been before, it made me think about Austin City Limits because there were also people that came from California to perform. It was a whole lot of fun because we got to go to it and talk to a ton of people too. There were fireworks afterwards, but we didn’t get to stay for that, but we did hear them all from our house.  I hope that all of y’all continue to do well and stay safe!
Love Always,
Elder Theodosis

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