Great Fun Filled Week!

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Palanis!

This past week was great! We planted tons of seeds, and we found 3 more people that we can start teaching now too! There were a couple of crazy experiences that we had this past week and one of them included some guy forcing us to stay and watch the final seconds of the USA vs Belgium game so we will start with that one. We were going to go to someone elses house, but we saw this guy’s garage door open so we decided to go in and introduce ourselves to him. He said that he wasn’t interested in a message, but he wouldn’t mind talking to us for a bit. We were about to leave because nothing was happening, and then he told us to stay and watch the final moments of the game.

After that was over I went over to the basketball hoop that they had where his older kid was playing basketball and I tried to dunk it, but little did I know that trying to do that would lead to a challenge. He wouldn’t let us leave until I made one. There were many failed attempts before I actually made one. When I made one he was really happy and gave me a high-five & a pound. He said that we could stop back by whenever so a couple of days later we went back to that same area to talk to the people that we originally had planned to see. We stopped to talk to the neighbor because we saw them outside, and after a little while Dean the sports guy invited us into his house. We shared the message of The Restoration with him. It went awesome! He asked for a Book of Mormon after the lesson and said that he was interested in reading it. I happened to put a Book of Mormon in earlier that day and so I handed him the one I had. He is interested in reading the Book of Mormon, and learning more about it, but he doesn’t want to meet with us right now. I think it is ok though because I believe that this will go somewhere in the near future so it’s all good!

We also had another cool experience walking in the park in our area. There are always tons of people hanging out there so on Saturday we went by and talked with people as we were heading home. We talked with this lady who was nice to us, but not too interested. After we talked to her though, we had a group of teenage kids come up to us and ask if there was any possible way that their Brazilian friends could meet with the missionaries. It was awesome!
They didn’t live in our area, but we gave them two pass along cards with one being & We explained to them that if they went to they could type in their address and request missionaries to come to their area so they could be taught. I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome that was to be able to have that happen to us because I know that that will in fact lead to something great!

We had fast & testimony meeting yesterday and I had the opportunity to bear my testimony on those two experiences. I thought it was great because I got to add some humor in along with being real with the people. It is crazy how many different ways you can reach out to people. I personally find fun in it whenever I find opportunities to express my personality to others. That doesn’t mean that I will randomly go around to people’s houses and dunk basketballs, but I will at least get to know them, and try to find ways to leave a nice positive impression. It won’t always end up like that, but when you take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself you find satisfaction in just about everything. Oh yeah, my companion also turned the ripe old age of 19 this past week!

I hope that all of y’all are doing well and that you all had a happy 4th of July! I know I did!
Sorry no pictures this week!

Take Care & Love Always,

Elder Theodosis


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