Great Week Full Of Improvement!

Talofa Sole’s!

Sorry for not emailing y’all yesterday, but it is because they moved our preparation day to today. Reason why is because we are going to be going to the temple today! We will be going to the Draper temple today to do a session so that will be fun because I haven’t gone inside the Draper temple before! This past week was great for Elder Bell and me! I will admit that training isn’t easy and most of the time it feels like a parenting job, but it promotes a whole lot of growth for you and for them. We had Kaden’s baptism last Saturday and it went really well too! It was Elder Bell’s first baptism in the mission so I’m glad that he was able to experience that for himself because he has been stressing out a ton with everything that has been happening so it was a good stress reliever for him, ha ha.

That is about it from here. Sorry again for not forewarning y’all about having our preparation day on Tuesday, but this is honestly the last time that this will happen because this will be my last temple trip with my district so it’s all good! Pictures next week! Stay safe and take care of yourselves!

Love Always,
Elder Theodosis

PS: I got the school schedule and it looks like it will definitely be a fun way to get back into the routine of doing “school stuff” haha. I’m looking forward to it and thanks for all of the help! I love you mom!


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