Better Week By Far!

Talofa O-A-Mai Oe Sole’s!

This past week was a whole lot better, and we (Elder Bell & I) were able to get to know each other better. Elder Bell has been doing a whole lot better with getting used to everything, and he has definitely taught me a whole lot and helped out a whole lot too! He still misses talking to his family everyday, and he frets over little things that happen or don’t happen, but that is normal for everybody.

He has been getting better with his teaching skills and he invited someone for the first time to be baptized, and they said yes as well! I have mostly been trying to find opportunities for him to get a little experience, and when they come I let him take them. He has done pretty well with it too! He was a little nervous when I told him that he was going to have to teach the first lesson, but it was mostly because he thought that I was telling him to teach the entire lesson when I was going to jump in when he needed help!

I have mostly been telling him constantly to be himself because nobody likes a robotic missionary that simply goes up to people/members just to ask them for names, but not to get to know them personally. The way we usually ask people for referrals is by first off asking if there is anybody who we can do service for and then we work our way into asking people about people that we can go by to see. The work here is mostly successful if you work though the members, but sometimes you do have to put yourself to work by doing things yourself.

We are supposed to be having a baptism this Saturday for Kaden. He is the 9-year old who we have been teaching for at least a month and a half to two months now. This will be Elder Bell’s first baptism so it should definitely be an exciting experience for him to be a part of that!

We had a huge fire in our area that caused a some delays, but it got taken care of and nothing else happened. I don’t believe anybody was hurt or badly injured so that was definitely good to hear! I got a couple of pictures because I just wanted to, so I will show them later.

Elder Bell is a super healthy eater and he doesn’t really eat too much. He is probably the only person on this entire planet that has said multiple times that he loves vegetables. We got the chance to weigh ourselves last Saturday when we were doing service for this lady and so I ended up finding out that I weigh 208 while he only weighed 129. Along with helping him adjust to missionary life, I have also had to become like his own nutritionist as well – I try to help him eat a little bit more and branch out a little with the foods he eats. He will not eat or take in fat though which I find kind of interesting.

We walk everywhere so we get our exercise pretty regularly which is good, but he still doesn’t like eating fatty foods which I find kind of weird, but I guess is a good habit to have.I think I should probably look more into that too haha. I don’t really have too much else to say and I’m probably putting y’all to sleep so I’ll let you guys go.

9 more Preparation Days after today! I will see y’all soon!
Take care and stay safe!

Love Always,
Elder Theodosis






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