Another Great Week

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Soles & Palanis!

This past week was great! We first started out golfing at this really nice golf course (it was a 4-star course) in the mission. It was pretty fun, but we went through an entire box of 30 golf balls in the first 14 holes. We ended up having to find golf balls from people in the past and I think that I might have accidentally taken someones golf ball that was in play, but I don’t know. It was still fun, but we did get a little frustrated because we rarely ever hit the ball straight or high enough. We both got pretty nice tans though so it’s all good haha.

We picked up a new investigator this past week too!  His name is Victor and he was previously taught by missionaries a while ago, but he doesn’t remember much. He told us that he is looking for a church to join and if he can’t find any fault as he looks for a church then he will  join it. So far he has been asking tons of questions about the Plan of Salvation, but we haven’t even gotten to that lesson yet. We will soon though. It should be extremely interesting to see how it plays out with Victor in the future.

I had the chance to go to a baptism in my last area for someone that I had previously taught so that was pretty cool! His name is John Elkins and he is either 14 or 15 and he is a complete stud! When I taught him in the past he was ready and excited to receive the lessons along with everything else too! This was also the case on Saturday too because he was super excited to be baptized and become a member of the church! I’m happy for him too! There wasn’t anybody that I could think of from the area that could take us to the baptism so I asked “Uncle” Tab to take us so I have spent some bonding time with him hahaha. I probably broke a rule, but I’m still getting used to calling them my family so it didn’t really feel like anything bad at all. It was pretty fun and he took us out to Applebee’s for lunch after we went to the baptism and we were able to talk for a good bit, so we got to know him a little bit more there.

Transfers are this week, and I am freaking out because I think I might  be getting transferred, and Elder Collins says that one of us will be training so we will see. The main reason why I feel like I will be transferred is because of the Bingham’s. Not that I have anything against them it is just because they have the family label on them, but I don’t know anything. For all I know everything could stay the same so we will see what happens.

I love and miss all of y’all and hope that everything is going well back home!

Love Always,

Elder Theodosis

Ps: Hey Andy I found out that you are good friends with a guy at your work named Drew. We stopped by a family in my area that knows him really well. If you got pictures the other day then it was from that family we talked to the other day.








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