Drape Town Got a Baptism

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Sole’s!
This week was fantastic! To start off we got to be a part of a marriage, a baptism, and a confirmation! It was awesome and I was given the honors of being able to baptize Angela, the one who got married and baptized this past week. It was an awesome experience being able to baptize her. I was super super nervous before it happened, but afterwards I felt super calm and extremely happy, so the spirit was for sure there! The spirit was also present at the confirmation the following day because after everything was all said and done I felt super happy and I also couldn’t help but break out into a huge smile. This was definitely by far one of my favorite baptisms because they wanted it from the very beginning. They met with the bishop before we even started teaching her and they had the day set along with the time for the 24th of May at 5pm. It wasn’t even that, but these are legitimate converts because they feel the ward’s support and they also know why they are doing what they are doing. They will definitely do a ton of good as they get more and more comfortable in the ward. The person that gave me a ride to the area I am in now said that I wouldn’t baptize anyone, and that it is more of a place where you can relax because people are over their heads in money. That isn’t true though and this stake surprisingly has a ton of missionary minded people in it. It is awesome because it keeps me going too! I have constantly told myself that I should not waste these next three months and it so far has played out really well because Elder Collins and I work really well with each other. The way that I look at it is that if you get a baptism with the companion you are with, it means that you get along well with them. So far that has been true because we have been experiencing tons of miracles in this stake in the past month that I have been here. I think that everything will continue to go well if I keep the mindset that I am in in and just be myself at the same time. I am sorry that I have not written you guys in the past two weeks or so, but I will try and get back to you on that soon. I won’t be able to do it this week because we are going golfing with some members today! I think we are going to do the full 18 holes so I hope this goes well, haha. I for sure will try to get back to y’all soon because I do have a few thank you’s that I need to write to. I hope that y’all continue to do well and stay safe!
Love Always,
Elder Theodosis  

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