Everything is Picking Up in Drape Town

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Sole’s!  
Everything is going pretty well right now in Drape Town! We have a baptism coming up this Saturday, and we are supposed to pick up a couple other new investigators this week. We had a cool experience this past week when we were outside working because this guy who had been struggling with a few things drove up and stopped us because he needed help. Elder Collins and I were able to address his concerns pretty well because we have both had our own struggles.  I thought it was really cool to relate to someone like that and I left him with hymn #140 to look up (From the LDS hymn book) which I thought was Count Your Many Blessings, but it actually ended up being Did You Think To Pray which was a better hymn to go with because of the lyrics in it. If you haven’t carefully looked at the lyrics in hymn books then I strongly urge you to because it is nothing other than a comforting message to help you along the way in your own lives whenever you are down. I think that it is a great tool and when I looked at the hymn book the following day, I looked at the lyrics and saw that they actually fit a whole lot better than I’d thought. I believe that the spirit led me to give that reference to him because of the message in that song. He called later on that night and thanked us for listening to his concerns which made both Elder Collins & me feel good. Talking to him made me realize that other people have gone through or are going through the same trials as you whether you notice it or not, and it made me stop and think that you are never alone in the many things you experience each day. My mission over the past 21 months that I have been out has changed me and I think that it is cool to see the transformation that takes place. It sucks while you are going through it, but when you look back you can actually see how much you have learned, and although I haven’t been able to see all of it I have been able to see a good portion of it.
I hope that the last quarter of my mission will be not only help me grow to know and understand the gospel more, but as well help those who are looking to change their lives whether they be back home or out here come to understand the true purpose of life. Since I have been out here my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has grown miraculously! I have a strong testimony of the Gospel and I know that all 5 of these principles are true! 1. We need to have faith in order to progress in life 2. We constantly need to be reevaluating ourselves and repenting from our past mistakes so that we can become more like our Savior 3. Everybody needs to be baptized in order to Follow Jesus Christ in His footsteps 4. We all need to receive the Holy Ghost after we are baptized so that we can constantly have the spirit to guide us and direct us in all the decisions that we make in this life, and the spirit is the only one that can actually confirm with us when we make a good choice because it brings comfort and peace and 5. We all need to endure to the end no matter how hard or how tough the going gets down the road. Enduring to the end is probably the toughest out of all of these principles, but it is also the most rewarding because it helps us gain more experience down the road as we try our very best to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ fully! Although I know that most of y’all aren’t with the church right now I would just like to let each of y’all know that I love you and I wish the very best for you! This life isn’t easy at all and there have been many times where I have felt like giving up, but you need to continue to keep moving forward because that is the only way that you will be able to gain more experience in this life. Again I love each of y’all and hope that each of y’all continue to do well!
Love Always,
Elder Theodosis

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