Transfers Happened

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Sole’s!
This past week was interesting, and to start out I will go ahead and say that I have now officially been transferred out of West Jordan after having been there for 8 1/2 months. Elder Moyers also got transferred out too and we were replaced by sister missionaries. We had to update everything because they were both coming into the area not knowing anything about it, and so I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning making sure that I didn’t miss anything at all. It sucked – updating everything that is. We also had a baptism on Saturday in the area so Elder Moyers and I were able to come back for the baptism which was awesome!
I got transferred over to a really ritzy area in the Sandy/Draper area. We literally have if not the best view in the mission, one of the best views in the mission from our house where you can see two temples and pretty much my last area too. We had a baptism here in this stake too so it was a great week. Yes, I may be pretty bummed that I had to leave my old area, but I am at the same time happy because I will be able to find more ways to adapt as I work in a new area. I got so hammered with the question of whether or not I play basketball because of my height, that it really started to bug me, ha-ha.
My new companion is from the UK, but he was actually born and raised in South Africa. It is pretty crazy, but cool at the same time. His name is Elder Collins and he has been out for about 11 months and I just learned this from him – he actually used to be an MMA fighter so I thought that that was pretty legit (so watch out, haha). With this being my first time over on the east side it has actually been pretty stressful because I have been used to doing things differently on the west side of our mission, so it will definitely be an adjustment.  It will be something that I need regardless so in all honesty it is all good. 
There are some really cool members here too and there is actually one family that is the owner/ co-owner of Nitro Circus. If you don’t know what that is it is basically a international stuntman company where they do all of these crazy stunts off of a 20-30 foot ramp. They sometimes even throw in a ring of fire too so it is pretty cool. The cool thing about all of it though is that they are very strong and active members of the church, and they have some kids out on missions right now too. The first day in the area Elder Collins took me over to their place and I got to see someone go down the massive ramp they have on a tricycle through a ring of fire and the guy did a flip and landed it perfectly. There is some ridiculous stuff here, haha. There is also some farm land here and there is a family that has a zebra along with a bunch of horses and birds. 
Our stake is very missionary minded and people are always looking to help out so it is all a matter of being patient. We have had lessons though, and I have been able to bear my testimony a whole lot so everything is going well still! That is all from here though. I hope that all of y’all continue to do well and stay safe, and don’t forget to bear your testimonies to everyone you meet!
Love Always,
ELder Theodosis

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