Slower Week

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Everybody!
This past week was a little slower than last week, but you can’t expect to have an amazing week every week, and that is the hard truth. We still “kind of” had a baptism this week and the reason why I say kind of is because it was an 8 year olds baptism! We taught her all of the lessons and she would have turned 9 if she waited another month and a half, haha. I’m not like that so you don’t need to worry – meaning holding her back from actually being baptized until she was 9! She was super excited about it which made it awesome so we (Elder Moyers & I) were very happy for her.
We didn’t really get to do too much else because we were carless for pretty much all week last week. Our car was in the shop because the front bumper was messed up so we actually got to get really familiar with the area since we were pretty much on foot the entire time.  I don’t mind the little bit of change because it mixes things up some. I am sorry that I don’t have much to talk about, but hopefully I will have more next week because I will actually be able to go to General Conference this coming Sunday for the afternoon session so it should be fun! I will have something next week for y’all, so until then take care of yourselves everybody! I love and miss all of y’all!
Love Always,
Elder Theodosis

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