Everything is Getting Awesome

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe!

Sorry for not responding to the emails as quickly as usual, we went to the temple today and whenever we go to the temple they move our preparation day to that day. So, our preparation day is today, Tuesday. Sorry that I didn’t let you know ahead of time. This past week was really interesting and busy so it was awesome! I have a….. New… Coompppaannioon (If you can’t read that it says companion). Yes I received a new companion already. Elder Van Tress was shipped off to Kearns to do work there! Funny thing is that he is actually in my greenie area (The area I was in for 10 and a half months). I didn’t ask for him to leave, but that is just what happened. My new companion’s name is Elder Moyers, and he is from Maryland. He has been out for 14 months and has had 7 other companions along with 4 other areas. He is pretty cool, but is also kind of quiet so we haven’t really been able to have an active conversation with each other unless it is late at night or during a moment where there isn’t anything going on, but whatever, it is what it is. We have a baptism this Saturday and so I am extremely happy because I haven’t seen anyone in our stake get baptized since November. This stake definitely deserves a little bit more positive because the past few months have been months of rebuilding and reforming everything so that things will work out. This stake has so much potential, but it is a matter of knowing how to work with everyone in the stake, and being able to put yourself out there so that people know that you are here for a reason. I will now be able to call myself a part-time resident of West Jordan now along with my residency of Kearns hahaha. Sorry I didn’t get photos to y’all last week, but I will upload a ton right now so that you will have them to look at. Some of them are from when Elder Van Tress and I got our noses waxed, one of Elder Van Tress and me, my cool glasses’ case, Elder Moyers and I, a house full of tumbleweeds that we cleaned up mostly, an upside down stop sign, and a weird bumper sticker so enjoy all this randomness hahaha 😀 

Love Always,
Elder Theodosis

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