Crazy Past Week

Malo O-A-Mai-Oe Palanis!
This past week was a crazy week with a ton of unexpected things that happened.  Elder McDaniel got sent back home to Dallas so that he could have a hip surgery that he has put off since last May, and I now have a brand new companion.  Elder McDaniel had been out for 21 months, but he still got an honorable release from his mission so that is good.  He made me super trunky, but with me getting ready to hit the 18 month mark, I cannot afford to slip up at all.  My new companion’s name is Elder Van Tress (that is Dutch) and he has been out for a month.  I can’t believe I am actually training someone.  I thought that it would have been fun about 5-6 months ago, but now I don’t really care much for it anymore.  It has been a big learning experience, and it is definitely different.  I don’t know if I will only be with him for the rest of this transfer or if I will also be with him next transfer too, but if I am I will only be with him for that transfer because he is only here for 3 months and then he will be reassigned to another mission.  He is from West Haven, Utah and he acts as if he has been out for about 6-7 months because (unlike most new missionaries) he knows what he is doing and most of the time knows what needs to be done in order to keep the work flowing.  He says that it is because he has been in Utah for 9-10 years so that makes sense because you are constantly surrounded by the church here wherever you go.  He is cool, but it is definitely going to take a little while before we are both able to communicate well with each other. With this being the first time to train someone, I seriously don’t really have the slightest idea of what I am supposed to be doing in order to help him; he already knows a whole lot which is great, but I feel like there is something that I still need to teach him that I am not completely grasping yet. Oh well, we will just see what happens. 
So, I don’t think that I had told you yet, but I kind of misplaced my glasses again and I was thinking about holding out until the very end and not even worrying about it because it is time consuming just to get things replaced, but a member from one of our wards told us that he would do it for me and that he would buy them. I honestly was kind of freaking out because I was trying to think of a way to repay him because the only pair of glasses that I thought actually looked good were a pair of Ray Ban’s which all of y’all probably know are one of the most stylish and expensive brand of glasses anyone could get. SO I got a pair of those and he even took us out to lunch at In-N-Out Burger so everything (no joke) ended up costing close to $350. I thanked him a lot and I will definitely find something that I can give him because seeing someone do this makes me realize how much they actually care about serving people.  He even got on the guy’s case that was totaling everything up for us because he didn’t want me to get ripped off with the type of lenses that I got for the glasses so that was really cool too. That all happened this morning and I still can’t even believe that he did all that. He kept telling us “No, you don’t need to pay me back, just go out and do everything you are supposed to”. (I can’t believe how nice the members are here in this stake. It is awesome!).  He served a mission in Pennsylvania and this was basically his way of giving back. He was super, super friendly too so it was awesome all around.
I don’t really have much else to include, but I will say that the final stretch starts now and everything that I am doing will have to be taken up a couple of notches so that I don’t regret anything. I love and miss all of y’all and I am sorry that I didn’t get to writing those thank you notes. This past week was a crazy week and it was definitely something that I couldn’t control – so this week should be a lot better. I hope I didn’t put any of y’all to sleep with this really long letter, it is just that a ton of things were thrown in my direction this week and I had tell you about all of it.
Love Always,
Elder Theodosis 

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