Really Great/Random Week

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Everyone!
This week was a pretty good week, but it was also a rebuilding week so not too much happened.  We had our Stake Conference this week and an area seventy came and presided over all of it.  His name was Elder Lin Summerhays.  He was really excited to be a part of the conference and he gave some really good talks. He had Elder McDaniel and me get up and share the Joseph Smith story to a whole crowd of adults in the adult session of Stake Conference, and we also shared our testimonies along with that, so that was pretty cool.  We picked up two new investigators this week and they are extremely nice. Their names are Eric & Irene Ward and they are both Lutheran.  I don’t believe that they are active practicing, but that is what they say they are. They are open to learning more though so that is great!
This week was a random week as far as animals go; there is only one really funny story from all of it.  We ate at this member’s house yesterday and they had this dog that they would feed random things to. It was a yellow Lab so Aunt Carol will probably appreciate this more than anyone, but they told us about how it loved Twizzlers (the candy) and that it especially loved toilet paper rolls (the cardboard roll part) and that it would go throughout the house trying to find them so that it could snack on them.  As we were talking about that their daughter ran upstairs to try and find one so they could prove their point, and as soon as the dog saw the toilet paper roll it seriously grabbed it and started snacking on it until it was completely gone. It ate the entire thing!  Elder McDaniel and I are witnesses of this so we can truthfully tell you that a yellow Lab dog ate a toilet paper roll and left nothing behind. Dogs can be so random sometimes, hahaha.
That is about it from here so I hope that everything continues to go well with each of y’all down there in Texas!  I love and miss each of you guys a ton, and the next time I send another email to y’all I will be a legal adult. 
Love Always,
Elder Theodosis
  (The gospel is true!)

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