Weird Weeks

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe People!
Sorry that I didn’t mention it last week, but we went to the temple today so they again moved our preparation day to Tuesday (today). Yes it is extremely annoying and I can’t stand it when they do this because it honestly makes the days get all mixed up with me. I am not however avoiding you guys because that just wouldn’t be nice, ha ha ha.  Not too much happened this week, but there were some funny experiences though. Elder Mason thought it would be a great idea to pray for journal worthy experiences and so what we got in return was pain.  We were going over to houses to try and contact some people that we could set up a Family Home Evening with.  When we finished at that house, Elder Mason and I have this habit now of breaking off pieces of ice and throwing them just to see how much they will break.  So, Elder Mason got this piece of ice and threw it.  While it was in the air part of it broke off and nailed me in the forehead, but I was just laughing afterwards. Then later on we went to this other house where we set up a time to meet with a family and have dinner with them.  As we were leaving (I didn’t ask for it to happen), Elder Mason nailed his head on a light fixture and created a nice little bump on top of his head, ha ha ha. Not too much else happened though, and so I will definitely have to update you more on Monday because everything will be back to normal FINALLY. 
I love and miss all of y’all and I hope that y’all all continue to do well!
Love Always, 
Elder Theodosis

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