Last E-mail of the Year

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe! This past week was really slow when it came to doing missionary work and all. We didn’t really have much else happen since the last time we talked, but a member gave us this extremely hot hot sauce called 11 sauce. It is so hot that when it first touches your mouth it burns your tongue so that you can barely feel it and it burns the inside of your mouth. I can do a little more to explain what else that sauce can do, but I will leave it at that. On a side note it was actually pretty good!  We  received some referrals that we can stop by in our area from members and other missionaries so it is a good thing that the area isn’t completely dead.

It was really fun getting to talk with y’all on Christmas day and it was great to see each of you guys too! I am really glad that each of y’all are still doing well and that you are still finding success in each of your own lives. That is Awesome. I hope each of y’all continue to do well with everything as you head into the new year.
I don’t have too much else left to add in because there isn’t really a whole lot that happens during the holidays as a missionary. I will say though that I think that is awesome that Nick Foles and the Eagles are going to the playoffs. We talked with this Eagles fan yesterday in the area and he was really excited to talk to us because I mentioned to him a time before that Nick Foles went to my high school and that my brother snapped for him too, so he was all excited that; he even told us that he is selling his Michael Vick jersey so he can get a Nick Foles one. He’s a believer in Nick Foles now, hahaha.  I also think it is awesome that two Westlake Alumni will be going at it with each other in the playoffs Nick Foles against Drew Brees. Simply Awesome!
That is about it from here, and I will see y’all next year! 
Love Always,
Elder Theodosis

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