Ran Into an Erbstoesser This Week

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Everyone!
This week has been extremely weird/different! We didn’t necessarily have a busy week, but there were a couple of highlights. First off we ran into one of the Erbstoesser’s (that family from Austin that I hardly know). We talked with Zach who I believe is the oldest in the family, and I brought up the fact that we have a cat that is named after their family and we all kind of laughed about that. He knew about the Barton Creek Ward and he mentioned that he was set apart by President Palmer for when he prepared to go on his mission. Before we left I brought up the fact that my sister Cindy had had a crush on one of them and that is why we have a cat named after them, so he texted his brother Houston to see if he knew a Cindy Theodosis. He responded back saying  “Absolutely, why?” Yeah… I felt kind of weirded out after that visit even though it was fun!
Eder Mason and I had a lot of fun in the snow this week and we got into a ton of snowball fights too. Nobody ever won any of them; they ended in draws all the time because our hands would always end up getting freezing cold from picking up all the snow. It is still fun to play in it though because it spices up the work a little bit, hahaha. Elder Mason and I continue to work well with each other, and we continue to find more solutions to help each other out so that we can both improve and grow. The area hasn’t necessarily been doing well, but we both have been able to find things to do through companionship inventories with each other. It isn’t always the funnest thing to do because you are literally sitting and talking for about an hour and a half to two hours about how to improve and help, but it has helped a ton. We both have a lot of respect for each other now and we both get along more now too. I wouldn’t say that we agree with everything, but we agree with most things which is great. 
It is awesome hearing that Nick Foles is still doing great with the Eagles, and that Andy was able to meet up with him too. I was very happy to hear that Baylor won the Big 12 title because that program has definitely come a long way and deserves some credit now. I don’t have anything else from here, but I hope that everything is going well back home and that all of y’all continue to stay safe!
Take Care & Love Always,
Elder Theodosis

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