Another Baptism This Week

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe everyone!
We had another baptism last Saturday and it was awesome! It is awesome seeing how much the area has been able to develop since Elder Mason and I got put together. We work pretty well  together and we haven’t killed each other yet either, hahaha. The baptism was great and the girl that got baptized was excited through the entire process of it all. Her name is Abigale Grace Armijo and her family was super supportive of her decision to get baptized. The parents are less active, but they are getting reactivated through this because they know that church is where they need to be on Sunday.
Elder Mason and I have been able to grow a ton since we were put together. We both have our differences, and sometimes I find it difficult to get anything done because he doesn’t always have that same desire to find, teach, and baptize as I do, but he has been able to learn a lot and little by little his desire has been able to grow. If anything there is a ton that I have been able to learn about patience & humility and it has been really cool and awesome. Elder Mason loves to just be himself and I kind of think that is cool too, because you aren’t turning yourself into a robotic missionary and you can share those interests with people too. It helps a lot too because people might think you are crazy if you don’t have a little fun with what you do by expressing yourself. That is why I still keep an interest in sports! Of course I need to not go overboard with it to the point where it is literally the only thing I think about, but it has made the work a lot more fun because I do express myself more.
We had three Thanksgiving dinners on Thanksgiving and we were both completely stuffed afterwards too. We ended up doing service for at least the first part of the day and we helped this family move out of their house because they would have been kicked out today if they hadn’t moved sooner. It is pretty sad news for that family, but there isn’t really much you can do for that except try and help out as much as you can to make it better. I hope that Thanksgiving was great for y’all and that you had a nice relaxing one too!
It is seriously awesome to hear how well Nick Foles is doing right now in the NFL. It’s cool that he is getting all this attention and that even with all of it, he continues to do his thing. That is great to hear that both Texas and Baylor had great games last week.
I love and miss all of y’all, but I will be able to talk with y’all in less than a month now so that should be great! Take Care. 
Love Always,
Elder Theodosis

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