Not the Best Week

Talofa Everyone!

We didn’t really have the best of weeks and our teaching pool right now is pretty small. We only have 2 people that we are working with, and one of them we will probably end up dropping this week if we have to set another date with him… I seriously don’t like dropping people, but it has gotten to the point where we have set so many dates with him that it has carried on for the past 2-3 months; it should be good for him to get him a little extra time to have everything sink in. The other one on the other hand is doing awesome and she is progressing like no other. Her name is Abby and she is 10. Her parents are less active, but are looking to get back into church because they want to find more friends. So her parents have taken her the past two weeks to church and it has been awesome! 

Elder Mason, as you may know, had a birthday on Friday and he turned 23 so we went out to lunch and we found things to do to keep ourselves busy so that was good. It snowed for once on Saturday so that was pretty exciting to see even though it gone by the end of the day because it warmed up; it was still pretty fun to see. I honestly don’t get the weather here and I probably won’t ever get it for the time that I serve here in Utah. At least it means that it is getting closer to the holidays.
I don’t have too much else to say so I hope that all of y’all continue to stay safe and take care of yourselves.
Love Always,
Elder Theodosis
P.S. Those of you who have written me I will try and do my best to get you guys letters in return so that I can keep you up to date personally. I am sorry that I have been slacking off on that.
Oh, and Happy 30th Birthday Alex ~ I will try and get a card to you as soon as I can.

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