Awesome Miracle/Ba​ptism Filled Week!

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Palani’s!
This past week was awesome and we managed to get a baptism out of the deal too!  An 11 year old girl named Trinitee Hurst was able to be baptized and she had a ton of support from her extended family who traveled up from Spanish Fork or somewhere in Southern Utah.  Her main family supports her, but they don’t want to go to church so we will end up having to find someone in the ward to help out, but that should be fine because a lot of people in the ward know who she is and support her as well.  We have had a ton of miracles happen this past week and from these awesome experiences that we have had, it has helped us prepare two to three more people for November to be baptized. We have someone named Tann who is scheduled to get baptized this Saturday and we have someone who is preparing for the 15th too.  I seriously feel like we have been able to gain the trust of the members too because two of the miracles that we have had have been from members either calling us or texting us to let us know that they have people that they want us to start teaching or go by to meet. It is awesome because all of these experiences have resulted in us being really excited about what is going on the area and it has just caused us to work even harder too.
I am sorry if it sounded like I kind of went off on my high horse in my last email, but truth is is that there are certain things that get me going that I want to talk about. I know that doesn’t give me a free pass to go off and completely call you guys to repentance and I by no means want it to seem like that either, so I will be a little more careful about how I say things or phrase them.  It was awesome to hear that Nick had an awesome game throwing for matching an NFL record high of 7 touchdowns.  I feel like I have gotten more and more eager to hear about how he is doing because of personally knowing him and seeing how well he is doing for his first real year of playing in the NFL. I also do get pretty excited hearing about how Baylor completely annihilates every single team that they play, so  Nick Foles and Texas are not the only things that I enjoy hearing about.  I love and appreciate all of y’all and the support that y’all have shown because it has helped.  Transfers are this week so we will see how everything plays out.  Elder Mason says that he will be going, and I believe that I will be staying at least another transfer here.   Take Care Always & Love,
Elder Theodosis

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