Great Week with a Ton to Look Forward to

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe Palani’s!
This past week was awesome and we are in for a ton of excitement in the month of November with two baptisms planned and more that are going to be put on date for the month of November. Elder Mason and I are doing awesome and we have both helped each other grow a ton from the mistakes that we make. We have one more week left in this transfer so that means that we will be hitting the ground running because we have a baptism scheduled for Saturday and there is one scheduled for the following week on the 9th too. We have had a ton of awesome things happen too, from people calling us to ask if they could meet with us and running into people who have been waiting for missionaries to come by and start teaching them. I feel like even though there have been those moments that we might have let someone down, the Lord for some reason still has trust in us and wants to continue to help bless us through the hard times that we have. It is awesome because those are the moments where you feel instantly like you should continue to keep on trying and working hard, but at the same time you can’t expect to have certain things happen just because you did something so – if there is a certain way that God feels like He can bless you He will (When you don’t expect it).
There are experiences that I have had from paying Fast offerings every month that have come because I wasn’t expecting it to happen at all. (Example:  We go out to eat at Chik-Fil-A pretty frequently and there have been times where we are just expecting to pay for ourselves, but once we do that sometimes there are people who volunteer to pay for us. When that happens we are left asking them if they want their change back in which case they shrug it off and say no because they want to help out). You can always give a generous amount whether it be for a charity or to help out the church, but if you do it negatively then you might see something, but if you do it with a positive attitude without taking a second thought about what you might get in return, then you will receive more from that offer than you can even imagine because you are not doing it to help out yourself, but to help out others who are in need. It is awesome when things like that always happen though and that is why we should always give a little of ourselves because it shows who we truly are, and how much we care about others.
I hope this doesn’t affect anyone negatively when I go on and on about this one main point, but it is true. There was a quote in church that was mentioned and I probably won’t word it correctly, but it was something like “If you cannot work with 90% of your income then you definitely won’t be able to work with 100%”.
It is a saying that talks all about the importance of tithing and why we should always make it a priority to pay it. I know that things are getting tougher as we speak, but in lots of ways we are being blessed without even realizing it. I want to go ahead and say that what you did Aunt Carol was awesome (My mom told me about the positive experience that you had running into missionaries)! I hope that you continue to look for more ways like that to give because I bet that doing that felt really good afterwards. I don’t want to try and convert anyone by putting all of these thoughts into an email, but I do want to say that I hope that you guys continue or at least try and look for ways to serve others whether it be big or small so that way when it comes to be Thanksgiving time you can go around the table and be able to share something positive that you are absolutely grateful for. Again I don’t want to offend anyone by my remarks, but I just want to give y’all the idea so that you can look for ways to serve. Other people can’t make you change because it is all on each of us including myself to figure out if we are willing to improve our lives or not.
I love and miss all of y’all and I wish nothing but the best of luck to all of y’all!
Love Always & Happy Halloween,
Elder Theodosis

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