Slow Week, but This Week Will Be Better

Talofa O-A-Mai-Oe!

Hey Everyone – This week was kind of slow, but there were still some positives that came from it. We had one of our investigators come to church on Sunday so that was awesome to see. Her name is Trinitee and she is an 11 year old who is planning on getting baptized on the 2nd of November. She is pretty quiet when it comes to being social so it was awesome that we saw her at church yesterday. We have the potential to have one of the best weeks that we have had in a long time this week. We are expecting to pick up 6 new investigators this week and prepare all of them to be baptized in the month of November, and we even have some people on date for this weekend too, so we are going to be working hard to see how all of it plays out, but it should & will be fun.
We had interviews with the Mission President this past week so that was pretty fun, because we got to talk with him for a bit on how we are doing and how everything is going in general. I am not in trouble so you don’t have to worry, hahaha. He is really cool and I am glad that he is our mission president because he really is super knowledgeable and always willing to help out with anything we are going through.
Yesterday was awesome because for the first time in a while I actually got to have Polynesian food instead of palani food and Elder Mason was able to try some too – I think that I have gotten him hooked on it now, haha. I also have a Samoan name badge that I wear all the time now and it is really funny because I get weird looks and expressions from people because they either don’t understand what language it is in or they notice that Elder Mason and I have completely different badges (His is in English, and mine is Samoan). Whenever they do ask I tell them I have it because I served in a Samoan ward in my last area and I got it just for fun. Hahaha -Terrible right? It’s all good though.
We had a bunch of small miracles happen this week including one being how we were able to figure out the main concerns for two of our investigators who we are preparing for baptism in the coming weeks, and how we were able to find a family with three unbaptized children that we are planning on picking up this week. It is amazing all the things that can happen if you look at all the small positives that lead up to the major achievement that you are looking towards, because everything falls into place when you do that; it even helps you learn a ton more compared to if you had overlooked all the small steps that lead to the major goal you have in mind. I know that that isn’t worded correctly, but I hope that you can understand what I am at least trying to get at. I know that as we continue to look at everything that we have as blessings that we receive from God, then we will become even more grateful for everything that we are blessed with and we will want to continue to follow Christ in His footsteps in trying to become more like him each day.
Congratulations Cindy for getting the job offer and having the opportunity to work in Houston – that is awesome and I know you are excited about it and I hope that you enjoy this new opportunity to progress in your life. And I hope that everyone continues to do well and stay safe!

Love Always,
Elder Theodosis




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