Much, Much Better Week

Talofa O A Mai Oe! You are probably wondering why I haven’t written you guys for the past couple of days, so I will go ahead and tell you that we are going to the temple today and whenever we get to go to the temple as a district that day becomes our preparation day. (No I haven’t been ignoring you guys, but I’m sure that you probably get tired of hearing everything that goes on over here so I was just giving y’all a break). Last week and this week have been going pretty good and if you really want to know what I thought about conference, then I will go ahead and tell y’all that I honestly thought that it was awesome and that I didn’t get to write down everything that I wanted to! I was kind of bummed that I had to miss Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk because I love listening to him, but it was for a good cause since I went down to the conference center for the priesthood session). I think I got too excited to the point where I got Elder Mason extremely excited for it too, so that’s cool I guess ha ha. The priesthood session was great and it was actually pretty cool to be in the same room as the prophet and be able to listen to him speak so that was definitely a cool experience to have. I didn’t really get to see any protesters this time, but I saw one when we were getting ready to head back to our area that said “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord”. I was trying to see what it said, but as I did so the guy holding the sign was talking back to us saying “Lying lips elders, lying lips”. You can’t help but laugh at the signs that they come up with at every conference and I honestly think it would be funny to get a picture with some of them together too just for the humor (don’t worry I didn’t actually do it, but I might later on).

Halloween and cold weather is in the air and before I even know it it will be snowing right before my eyes and I am actually looking forward to it too because I am getting kind of tired of the continuous hot weather. Elder Mason is too so we both can’t wait for the change of weather along with the frightful night of Halloween too! Almost everyone has their houses all decked out for Halloween and it is actually kind of cool with the types of ideas people have been able to come up with because it is different for every block.

The work here has picked up a ton and Elder Mason and I have been able to find a ton of people who could be potential investigators for us to work with in the next little bit. Elder Mason and I are slowly but surely finding a rhythm for us to work off of so that we can help the people that we are working with progress towards being baptized this month. I know that last week I wasn’t in the best of moods, but since we had conference and since we have been able to find people to work with the work in the area is starting to get a whole lot more exciting and a lot more fun as well. I know that things won’t always be jolly and good, and that we will have those rough moments that we have to experience, but now that we have found more and more people to work with Elder Mason & my desire have been able to grow and develop and that is the awesome part of it too. I had a companion (Elder Glaves) almost identical to him back in February/March that was from the same exact place of Lake Stevens, WA (a little north of Seattle), and he like Elder Mason loved movies like no other. The only difference now is that I have been able to take advantage of the opportunity that God has given me again to learn patience and to also learn how to be more laid back instead of taking everything so seriously. It is kind of weird how they ended up being from the same place and have the same exact interests, but at the same time it is pretty cool because it is almost like God is trying to teach me a certain type of patience along with being laid back in a certain type of way.

That is about it from here, but I hope that everyone is doing well and that y’all are finding ways to always be happy no matter what! It is not fun to be down all the time because it feels almost as if you are putting a 5-10 pound weight on your heart and mind and although I am still working on it, there are multiple reasons that you can find to keep you happy and excited about life, but you have to look in the right spots (The Gospel of Jesus Christ).

Take Care Everyone!

Love Always,
Elder Theodosis


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