A Pretty Good Week

Talofa Everyone!
This week was a pretty great week, and as you can see by the picture I was able to take of a giant U in the middle of a street, the BYU vs. Utah game was some of the main talk of the week.  The work has gone pretty well, but it was slow so it was a little more stressful because we were trying to find more and more to do to keep us busy; however, it’s all good because everything is starting to pick up in the area.  We spoke in two wards yesterday and it was awesome, because I am excited to be here so that I can put myself out there and get to know everyone here.  This stake has a ton of potential and I am excited to be here so we will definitely see what else we can work up while we are here.  Transfers are happening this Wednesday, but I am probably going to stay here for another transfer or two, so I am not too worried about anything happening.  Elder Mason isn’t quite sure if he will be staying or going because he has been in the area for about 4-5 months, but we don’t know yet so we will find out.  I know this email sounds really boring, but I honestly don’t have anything more exciting that has happened this week!
I Miss and Love All of Y’all!
Take Care,
Elder Theodosis

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