This Past Week Was Beyond Crazy

Talofa Everyone!
This past week was beyond crazy – we had so many things happen to us this past week!  It first started off with a service opportunity.  We were out OYMing (Opening Your Mouth) everybody in our 4th ward, and while we were out we came across this old lady who had fallen in her backyard and crawled over to her side door because she couldn’t get up at all.  She was like that for an hour before we came across her to get some help. We went to her next door neighbor because that is what she wanted us to do and she (the next door neighbor) called 911 for emergency help for the lady that fell.  In doing so she told us that we could stop by again later when everything gets better.  She isn’t actually a member of the church (she is Methodist) so I hope that we were able to give her a positive experience with our church.  That should be someone who we could try and work with more this week.
Another thing that happened was that Elder Bennett and I witnessed a fight in our area.  Before all of it even unfolded we talked with some people who said they were from the “East Side” (Draper, Sandy, and Cottonwood) and they were all jittery and everything.  It was a guy and his girlfriend and they were going on and on about how the area is terrible and that so many bad things happen (which is probably true), but in my mind I was thinking that the area really isn’t that bad at all and nothing has really happened to us besides getting yelled at or persecuted.  It still isn’t a bad area though.  After we left we saw everything unfold.  Elder Bennett saw some guy drop to the ground like a rock and not get up from a hit straight to the face and the people we talked to got hurt pretty bad too.  The girl’s boyfriend got hit and the girl started freaking out and the last thing I saw was the guy’s girlfriend that we talked to get grabbed by her hair and start getting beat down pretty badly… There was even one guy who was holding a pole.  Yeah… Not the best thing to see at all and it even made me think twice about the area that I am serving in and how it has become more of a ghetto to me.  It is crazy serving here in K-Town but I love it because other than these things that go on, the people here are extremely humble and willing to invite you back and listen to you.
The final thing that happened was that we had an unplanned double date with the sister missionaries. Things like this are not supposed to happen, but at our dinner appointment that we had last night we were just sitting in the backyard waiting for when we would start dinner and as we waited the sister missionaries showed up out of nowhere and we ended up having dinner with them and the family that had planned to feed us.  I honestly didn’t think it was a bad thing at all, but Elder Bennett was freaking out about it afterwards and we called the District Leader later last night to tell him what happened. That basically showed me that I can and should be more obedient than I already am.  That just goes to show that we all have room for improvement in whatever it might be; I have been trying to apply more things from Preach My Gospel so that I can see what I can do to improve myself. This past week I did one of the personal study activities that talks about where I want to be at when the last day of my mission comes.  It is crazy to think that I will be coming up on a year in four more weeks, but I have been trying hard to not think about time since I have been out here because it doesn’t really do anything good if you dwell on the days left instead of the days that you have to become someone who people will look to as a leader and a guide for others.  I am not saying that to get a big head or anything, but I am saying that because I know if I completely give everything to God then He will help me achieve what I am looking to accomplish while I am here.  I am hoping that by the time the year mark comes around, I will already have in mind what I need to do in order to become completely bold and fearless about sharing the gospel and as well be responsible and accountable for everything which I am given to do.  I know it is something that I am capable of doing and I know that not just myself, but everyone who reads these letters will also be able to find ways to bring their lives closer in line with God.  We all have our agency (freedom to choose right or wrong) so now it is only up to us to make the choice of which side we want to choose.
Take Care Everyone, I Love All Of Y’all!
Elder Theodosis

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