Talofa (Yes I still enjoy saying that haha)! This

Talofa (Yes I still enjoy saying that haha)!
This week went pretty well and there were some really cool things that happened this week too, relating back to the experience that I shared last week about fasting.  That fast continued into this week as well and more blessings came from one of the visits that we had with one of our investigators named Micah.  We had a lesson with him, and he had a friend of his with him this time so that he could listen in on the lesson with Micah and us.  We asked him about some experiences that he has had with the church and he mentioned that he had read from the Book of Mormon and thought that it was an “interesting story”.  We asked him if he had a copy of his own, but he said that he did not.  I presented him with a copy of the Book of Mormon and after he received it, he immediately started crying.  We told him that he did not need to return it because we hand them out to everyone that we teach, and after we mentioned that he thanked us for it.  We taught them about the Sabbath day and why it is important to keep it holy, and we set a goal for him for the 27th of July.  He responded saying that he would try his hardest to be prepared for that day.  I completely forgot to mention his name; his name is Greg and his wife is actually a member, but he grew up in a Catholic family.
Anyways though, we followed up with him on Saturday to see how he was doing and we ended up talking for a good bit then.  This visit was extremely cool too, because he told us that after he visited with us he called or his older brothers called him and they ended up having a conference call for a while. During that call he had he told us that his older brothers had had lessons with the missionaries that same day, they all including Greg met with them at even times of the day, and they all had talks about baptism and are all on date.  Awesome right?  Well there is actually more to it, so brace yourselves.  They all have now taken action and have been kicking out temptations like no other.  Greg was a huge drinker and smoker, but he told us that he destroyed an extremely nice liquor cabinet that was passed down from family and that there was a ton of alcohol in it.  He told us that Monday (today) he was going to burn all of his cigarettes.  His oldest brother did something along the same lines, but on a more intense level (You better believe it, because I’m not making this up).  One last cool thing that Greg told us about was that he stayed up the past couple of nights using energy drinks so that he could read from the Book of Mormon and he is already in 3rd Nephi.  I don’t think that I have ever had somebody that has been this prepared before, so I give all the credit to fasting and to God’s willingness to help us get something going in this stake. Greg is pretty awesome though, right?!
That was the main thing that happened this week, but we also spoke in one of our wards this week about how we can get the members involved and I tried real hard not to rail on them because although the members aren’t really doing too much, you have to check yourself so that you don’t become a hypocrite yourself.  It went pretty well though and I think Elder Bennett and I both got our messages across the way that we wanted to, so that all could understand that they do have a special purpose in the ward even if they don’t have a leadership position.  The Polynesian ward is feeding us this week and I am looking forward to it because they always have something good that they make.  The Poly ward has become a part of me since I have been here and it is awesome!
Well that is about it from here, I hope all of y’all continue to do well and take care of yourselves!
Much Love,
Elder Theodosis

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