8th Transfer in K-Town With 5th Companion

Talofa Everyone! 
Guess…. What….?  I am going to be stayinggg in K-Town for another transfer which will be making it pretty much almost an entire year (11 1/2 months at the end of this transfer) in the same area.  The Ghetto needs me I guess, ha ha ha.  I wasn’t too happy to hear about it at first, but it’s all good now because there isn’t any way I can change it now, and I got a new, yes a new, companion out of the deal making it my 5th companion in the time that I have spent in this area.  My new companion’s name is Elder Bennett.  He is from North Carolina (Gotta Love them East Coast boys ha ha) and he has been out just a little longer than I have (about 11 months or so).  He seems extremely cool and nice so I think we shouldn’t have too many issues with each other.  I know I shouldn’t dwell on past companions, but it was hard giving up Elder Mayo because he taught me so much that will help me throughout my mission and with all the work/service that I give to others I work with.  He got transferred to the Cottonwood area which will soon be part of the New SLC East Mission, so he should do well there.
There were a couple of cool experiences that happened this week with first being the temple.  We finally were able to go to the temple again for a session before we had our last mission conference with President Miller who will be leaving this week.  At the end of the temple session when changing back for the mission conference, I put a name of one of our investigators on the prayer roll for the temple. When we met with her the following day, we met her at a time where she was in deep need of  help and she showed her desire to meet with us so we could help her come closer to God through all of this.  Before we left we were able to give her a blessing of comfort and council to help her understand that she is not alone in all of the trials and tribulations that she continues to face.  After we met with her I put two and two together, and realized that that was a blessing that came from the temple and I personally thought that was awesome. 
The other experience that we had this week came from fasting for our area/stake so that we could find something to get the show on the road, and as we were doing so I recognized something that I took be a blessing from God.  We attended one of our wards and we put papers in each of the programs for a Family Missionary Plan which is basically something that all the ward members can use when they meet with one of their friends as well as whenever they decide to invite them to listen to the gospel from either the missionaries or home/visiting teachers.  I thought it was awesome how things like that can stand out to you if you just look for it and seek His help.  Once you try it and desire His help you will be able to gain a testimony of it, but you’ve got to have faith first to know that it will work.
I hope that all of y’all are doing well and continue to take care of yourselves!
Elder Theodosis

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