Talofa Sekia Oe Palanis! (Ha ha ha), How

Talofa Sekia Oe Palanis! (Ha ha ha), How are y’all doing? I am doing pretty well and a lot of good things have happened this week. 
I will get started on the good news, because I know how much you want to hear something good come out from the ghetto of K-Town, ha ha.  We had an apostle from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles come speak to us, Quentin L. Cook.  He talked about Agency or the ability to choose for yourself, as well how Obedience to God is the best option.  All of it was great, but the one thing that really stood out to me was the blessing that he left for the entire mission.  He didn’t have to leave anything, but he felt as if he should, so he did.  He blessed the mission that we would have more unity in our companionships and that we will be safe from evil desires. 
There were some other things that he mentioned, but I will keep those sacred because if I mention them then it will sound like I am bragging or full of pride, and then I wouldn’t really live up to the promises that are behind those blessings.  You have to give the guy some credit because he is an apostle of Jesus Christ and he faithfully lives up to that title and doesn’t take it for granted at all.  He is extremely soft spoken and he for a fact can testify that he has seen Jesus Christ and knows that He lives.  I know I wasn’t too happy when I found out that I was going to be serving in Utah, but honestly we get something that not every mission gets. This has been the 5th or 6th apostle that I have been able to listen to in person. I am definitely not trying to brag, but I honestly think that that is awesome! Yes it may be Utah, but I love my Poly people, K-Town and all that it has given me, and the ability to listen to apostles more often then not. It is awesome!
We (as you have heard multiple times before) have transfers again this week and Elder Mayo and I think we are both going to get transferred and our area will be white washed.  White washed, for those of you who don’t know, means that both of the missionaries that are serving in the area leave and two new missionaries come in and start from scratch not knowing anything about the area and where anything is.  Our area needs it badly because all of our investigators dropped us hard this week leaving us with nothing in our teaching pool.  Cool right?  Yeah, not really…
The last thing I will mention is that I had the weirdest e-mail session last Monday because we all got to go on Facebook, yes Facebook!  It wasn’t so that we could be disobedient, but so that we could be added to a group that our Mission President started so that he could keep in contact with us, but you better believe it when I say that I was freaking out afterwards trying to figure out how to log out so that nobody could strike up a conversation with me, haha.  We are getting a new mission president and his name is Robert E. Chambers.  He was a religion professor BYUI (BYU Idaho) so I’m pretty sure that means that if anybody told him that he didn’t know the bible that he would put them in their spot, ha ha.  President Miller is finishing his 3 year term this week and then he heads back to California on Friday, so you better watch out Cindy because I might send him your way to reactivate you, haha, just kidding.
I know that is a lot to write so I hope that none of you guys find yourself falling asleep reading it, if you do I apologize.
I love and miss every single one of y’all, and hope that all is well wherever you may be.
Elder Theodosis

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