K-Town is Keeping Me for Another Transfer

Talofa Sole! Transfers came again this week and K-Town isn’t done with me yet so I will be staying for another transfer (going on 9 months now). Surprised? I kind of am, but it’s all good because I enjoy it here even though it’s a love hate relationship most of the time haha. I’m still with Elder Mayo for this transfer, but he got made a DL this time so we got a car (The same one we had when I first stepped foot here).

There were a couple of things that happened this week, but nothing too big. We had the Pesega ward feed us this week so there were some other words I picked up like Vai Vai (which means tired), Sekia’oe (Slang for You’re awesome,  or something along those lines haha), Alofa (which means love, but don’t worry I’m not too worried about using that), Copi (Hurry Up), and Le lei-tele-oe (You’re The Best, oh stop it haha).

We don’t have a whole lot of investigators, but we have been able to work a whole lot with less actives this week which has been good, because  I really enjoy working with less active people who are looking for a way to come back. We are going to start teaching this new lady who if I wasn’t a missionary I would probably judge negatively, but I think that as we begin to teach her and help her out I will at least start to take big chunks out of the way I judge others.

I know this week is short, but I hope that all of y’all continue to do well & take care of yourselves!

Love Always,

Elder Theodosis


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