Bike Crashes, Transfers and Stake Conference


How Ya Doin Y’all?

Things have been going pretty well, and guess what? I… crashed on my bike again this week & tore another pair of pants (sorry Mom).  There was very little blood & only a couple of scratches so that was good.  The day after I crashed on my bike I broke my cheap Walmart watch (It is not the one that I got at the begining of my mission because that one is messed up too, but it is in better condition), but I got a completely ghetto watch though so it’s all good.  I know what you are probably thinking. You wish that I would just stop pulling off crazy stunts and hurting myself, but at least I haven’t broken anything yet (knock on wood).

We had some other good things happen though and we gave a blessing to this less active lady that we are teaching right now because she is on the verge of being homeless again and living in her Bronco that she has.  I know, sad right?  I love these people though, and I have known this lady since I first came into the area back in September.  We have been working with her daughter that we baptized back in November and her as well, but the being completely homeless thing isn’t new to her because Elder Mull & I back in February helped her move out of her place when she was evicted.  She has been living in her oldest son’s house for the past 2 months, but will eventually be kicked out because her son is going to get married to someone who he met over a month ago on an online dating site, but enough on that.

I felt good for once knowing that I have been doing what I am supposed to, because before we left we talked a little bit about transfers and how they were coming up – because if I ended up leaving this Wednesday from the streets of K-Town, Caitlyn (the 10 year old kid that I baptized in November) would ball her eyes out because of all that we have been able to do for them, and Stephanie (the lady I am talking about) said that she hopes that it goes through and I end up staying because I have been able to help them out when times have gotten tough, (I am definitely trying not to brag at all) and I even told her that I have enjoyed working with them a whole lot and that one of the main reasons why I was sent to the poorest parts of the mission was just so I could see all the different types of lifestyles people live, and be grateful for all that I have because not many people get to live comfortably like we get to.  Be grateful for all that you have because there are many people who will have it worse than you do, and I can say that because I am working with them right now.  You would be surprised how big of an issue the Word of Wisdom is in my area and how much it can affect you financially, physically, and mentally so take care of yourselves and don’t ever fall down that path because all it does is lead to regret and unhappiness.

I Love Every Single One Of Y’all, and Wish You All The Very Best (Including my mom with her wedding – I will admit that I am a little weirded out about that, but I understand it now, and I hope that I will be able to get to know you completely Craig!)




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