Did A Bike Deal & Met With President

Talofa Everyone!

This week went pretty well for the most part; we had interviews with our mission president this week and he turned 74 on the day we had interviews.  To start out the week though, I did a bike deal with one of our recent converts; I switched bikes with him because I had a small kid’s bike and he had a bigger bike that fit me better.  He was happy and I was happy, especially because I got a super ghetto bike that looks like it is from the early to late 90’s (note to everyone this is literally like the 3rd or 4th bike that I have used on my mission).

We, as I said earlier, had interviews with the mission president this week and I think that it definitely helped out a whole lot because he helped me with most of my concerns and questions.  I am still learning how to focus less on myself and more on others, but nobody said that it would be easy or that it would take a short while!  I ended up bearing my testimony on that yesterday because it was one of those moments that if I hesitate and pass it up, it would be like someone waiting for the clock to run down to the final seconds of a basketball game that you desperately need to win in order to take the championship, but you miss it and costs you your season altogether (I know that is jumbled together, but you get what I’m saying right? It was one of those moments). The testimony meeting altogether was awesome because we talked about overcoming trials in life and how it is never worth it to give in when the going gets extremely hard.


We had a baptism this week too! Her name is Laura Jean Shaw and she is awesome.  Funny story, she had to get baptized 3 different times because she didn’t go under the frist two times so it seemed like her uncle was drowning her even though he wasn’t, ha ha.  I hope that all of y’all continue to do well and Happy Mother’s Day! (Mom, I will probably try and call you at around 3:30 our time so around 4:30 your time).

Take Care Everyone,


Elder Theo (All the missionaries in my district have started calling me that again hahaha)

Tofa Soifua!


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