Another Crazy Week With a Couple Baptisms

Talofa Everyone!

We had ourselves another crazy week so I hope that you’re ready for the explanation of this one.  Elder Mayo has been able to have his way with the ladies this week and I legitimately mean that too.  He had a 40-50 year old lady come up to him after he shared his conversion story with everyone in the ward and say that she had someone for us (but mainly for Elder Mayo) to go by to see.  He started writing everything down and then she mentioned that it was her daughter who has not been very active in the church.  She started describing her to him and even showed him a photo of what she looked!  Then later on she spotted us again and gave us directions to where she lives by using a gps system that she had on her phone.  She then started mentioning what spiritual strengths her daughter had, even though she didn’t mention anything spirit related but that she has this type of personality and that she might be a little sassy.  I had no part of it, so I was there to listen and tried hard not to laugh!

Then Elder Mayo had another lady about late 20’s/ early 30’s at a dinner we had jump across the table at him to keep his scriptures open just as he was getting ready to finish the thought that he was sharing with everyone.  It took her a little bit to figure out what she did, and then she just blamed it on her anxiety and asked, “What scripture was that?  I just love what you just shared.”  I had some things happen to me too this week, so Elder Mayo didn’t take the entire spotlight.  I accidentally called someone who looked like someone else I knew the wrong name; the guy’s name was Bro. Fairbanks, and I called him Bro. Ficker, so it sounded like I was dropping the F-bomb on him even though I wasn’t trying to.  He wasn’t too happy about that, but he accepted my apology, at least I hope so!

We did have a couple of baptisms this past week so I was able to refresh my mind a little bit about what happens, but I have to say that I have never been to one where the kids who are being baptized are literally jumping off the walls the entire time.  Before the baptism started I thought that they were going to jump into the font and get water everywhere because that is the nature of these kids (3 ADD/ ADHD kids who have extremely short attention spans).  When it came time for the baptisms, none of them plugged their noses so they each got a ton of water up their noses, and when they each came out they each were like “that was awesome” “whoa” and “do it again”.  It was probably one of the more entertaining baptisms I have had since being out here.  We also had another one for a little 9 year old girl which went extremely well too!

That is it from here, but I hope that all of y’all continue to stay safe and do extremely well!

Tofa Soifua!

Elder Theodosis



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