Extremely Eventful / Memorable Week

Talofa Everyone!

There was a lot that happened this week, but let me start out with all the ridiculous/ funny things that happened.  We taught this less-active guy named Bill who is the uncle of Alonzo (one of the kids who we are planning on baptizing in the next couple of days/ weeks).  Anyways, he (Alonzo) has a younger brother that has the shortest attention span in the entire world and he was there with Bill.  He wanted to watch a movie while we were teaching a lesson so he popped in Scooby Doo which was alright, but after a little while he got tired of that and dug through some of Bill’s VHS tapes.  He got one that he thought would be alright, but keep in mind that this is a 4 year old that I am talking about, and the guy we are teaching needs some serious help with multiple things in his life.  Once the video started to play it turned out to be an old porn video, and when Bill found out he took the tape outside and completely destroyed it.  I don’t think I mentioned anything about the spirit, but that is probably because it was completely gone after that happened!

Next day, we were going by another house to see if we could reschedule something with one of our new investigators, and right before we left there was this really annoying dog that was bugging the crap out of me.  Me being the smart one (sarcasm), I decide to ride my bike right back to where the dog is to taunt it, but as I do that my front bike tire hits the rain gutter on the street perfectly and I end up completely messing up the front wheel of my bike and the stupid mutt was the one laughing at me.

If there were any way to describe the people in Kearns then you would never run out of things to say, but this one lady at a house that we got a media referral for was wearing like 3-4 different sweatshirts, and it honestly wasn’t that cold outside, but she was just like “don’t mind me, I’m going to take off some of these layers” and ended up taking off like 3 sweatshirts.  Later on in that day we had a lesson with Alonzo, and his brother was once again goofing off without even knowing what he was doing, but when we went over he was chowing down on some chap stick that was probably flavored or something, but still, chap stick of all things??  One thing I learned this week though is that you can unclog a sink with a toilet plunger.  Go ahead and try it, I guarantee like Billy Mays, that it will work!

Although that seems like a lot of nonsense all of this actually happened including the porn & bike incident.  It is a crazy world out there and I know that because I have been hearing all about what has been happening on the East Coast these past couple of days/weeks.

Stay Safe Everyone and Take Care of Yourselves!


Elder Theodosis



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