Extremely Weird/Legit Week

Hey Y’all!

This week was a whole lot better than last week, and we even have two new bikes to make up for the theft of ours last week. There was a whole lot that happened this week, but at the same time there wasn’t.  I know that sounds weird but it is true.  There was someone that we knew for a day or two (her name is Leah Sanderson), who we gave a blessing to to help her with her health and spirituality.  She passed away this week and we attended her funeral; it had a good turnout.

This week we also met with Aaron Johnson (he is a complete boss who is straight from the streets of Chicago)  who is one of the recent converts that we baptized a while back.  We had a spiritual get together where we kicked it for a little bit had a couple of burgers and hot dogs and shared our scripture readings and gospel teachings that we had gone over that week.  That was good.

And then for the Poly’s, to be honest I think Poly’s are probably the coolest types of people that you could ever come across, because not only do they know how to live their lives and have a little fun, but when it comes time to putting in their time to God, they are completely passionate about their faith – they always sing about it at the top of their lungs and show up every single Sunday.  But anyways, they had a farewell/ welcome home for a missionary that would be leaving and for one that getting home his mission at the same time.  This wasn’t just a good luck and see you in 2 years type of deal like mine combined with David Germann’s was (no offense!), but they were legitimately blasting music as loud as they could and feasting like there was no tomorrow.  You honestly can’t top that at all, all you can do is pay your respects and move on.

Happy Birthday to Uncle David!  I will try and send something to you this week and no that is not an April Fools Joke.

Take Care Everyone, and try to appreciate everything that God gives to you!


Elder Theodosis


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