Temple Trip, Warmer Weather, and I’m Having a Blast in K-town

Hey Y’all!

This week was pretty great, and I definitely have been able to feel the spirit a whole lot more compared to other weeks which is awesome! We may still be in a baptism drought, but we have been bringing a lot of inactive/less active members back to church which is awesome! We have a lot of baptisms in weeks to come which is good, but I think that less actives are in some ways better to work with because you don’t have to worry about them going inactive right after (disadvantage to new converts); but don’t get me wrong, I like working with these people and perhaps you may hear in a couple of weeks about us working with GREEKS, yes Greeks.

We went to the Temple this past week and it was awesome and really nice inside (as temples should be), but this one was especially nice. We are on bike now because my companion and I are not District Leaders, but to be honest this is what I wanted when I first came out on my mission and I love it too! I’m finally getting the blood flowing (being on our bikes) and we are getting to meet a lot more people that we may have usually passed if we were in a car. If I didn’t tell you already, my new companion is Elder Glaves and he is from Seattle, WA (Mom). We get along pretty well for knowing each other for 6 1/2 months (I have known him ever since I first came into the field and zone). One of my new goals that I am setting for myself even though I am not serving in Greece, is to baptize a Greek, and it is possible because I baptized someone who was straight from Africa (the family of 3 who are still active to this day!). You’ll never know something is possible until you try it out for yourself.

I love and miss all of y’all and hope that y’all are doing well!

If some of you think it would be easier write me through email than go for it because I am allowed to email any type of family or friends now.

Take Care & Stay Positive,

Elder Theodosis


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