Slow but Eventful Week in Shady Places

Hey Y’all!


This past week was pretty slow because we haven’t found anybody new for our teaching pool and right now we don’t even have that many people that we are teaching, but I did have a couple of extremely sketchy moments while searching for people.  The first one came when we were looking for people off of a new move in list that we had; one of the guys’ names was Tom, and by all means this was probably the shadiest places I have ever been to in K-Town.  We started out the discussion with him asking my companion and I what we wanted to major in in college, and Elder Glaves (we were on exchanges) said that he wanted to go into Political Science, while I of course said Fitness and Nutrition.  It was a huge mistake though because we ended up having a huge discussion about the Constitution and he was arguing about if we give in to getting licenses  for guns and marriage, etc.,  we are selling our souls to the devil… (I had no part in this, I was just listening!).  Then we asked if there was anybody who wasn’t a member there who would be willing to hear a message from us, so he guided us to two bedrooms that we could try inside his house (they were like miniature apartments).  We ended up knocking on them and setting up appointments through the door (I have never felt so weird in my entire life, ha ha). They later ended up falling through though.


The next experience that I had was that we had dinner over at one of our bishop’s houses and we had spaghetti.  I tried to dish some onto my plate but the thing I was using was kind of weird and I ended up accidentally getting a noodle in the bishop’s water glass (I know I’ll work on my aim next time).  Other than those experiences (not including the big 20), I don’t have too much to say.


Take Care Everyone!



Elder Theodosis


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