Things are Looking Up

Hey Y’all,

IMG_0211This week was a whole lot better than last week and the best part is that the weather has been warming up nicely and I have felt it pump me up and get me a little more excited for Spring!  We had a miracle this week, and it all started from trying to get info on former investigators from our area book (which we haven’t used in over a month).  We talked to someone who used to be the Young Women’s President for the 3rd ward (a ward that we cover).  It turned out that the one that we wanted more info about went behind bars for something that she did when the past missionaries taught her (great).  We then asked her (the former YW President), for referrals and who she knew, and it turned out that the ward was working with someone who is really interested in the church and has been coming almost every week with her friend who is a member.  Long story short though is that she wants to get baptized ASAP (she is on date for the 9th).

I think I already told y’all that I’m not being transferred this time, but I don’t think I told you that Elder Mull and I will finally be moving into the new place that our stake has been working on ever since I came out here in September!  I will let you know now –  it is extremely nice and I can’t wait at all even if it may be 3 weeks that I only get to stay there (we are already half way through our transfer).

That is about it from here; it is crazy that I will be turning 20 next week, but I don’t feel as old because Elder Mull actually turned 21 yesterday (on the 3rd) hahaha.

I love and miss all of y’all, but I hope that you’re all doing well!


Take Care,

Elder Theodosis/Charlie


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