Polys Making Their Way into the Mix

Hey Y’all!
This week was pretty slow, but we did find a family of 4 that we will be helping make their way into the font in February.  We have one 12 year old girl from the Pesega (Samoan) Ward that we cover that will be getting baptized this Saturday. Her name is Andrealynn Tuiatanna and she has been to church her entire life, but she was adopted when she was a little girl and her adoptive parents held off on her being baptized when she was 8 so that she could choose for herself if she truly wanted it.  We found another Poly Family whose name I can’t even pronounce at all who have nothing against the LDS Church and are wanting to make the change, but they are going to take it a step at a time so that they get more out of it.  They are a part of a religion that I have never heard of called LMS (London Missionary Society) so yeah, I have grown to like Polynesians so much since being here; they are probably some of the funniest/most energetic people that you will ever come across.


Transfers are this week so we will see what happens.  I have no clue what the heck will happen until tomorrow when they announce it, and I have kind of been (extremely) curious what will happen because I am thinking that I will go because I have been in K-Town for a while, but I don’t know.
This week has been hard on me mentally because I found myself thinking of things that don’t really apply to what I am doing (mainly my mind trying to tell me to take it easy because I have done some good and I should be happy with what I have done, but I know that isn’t true and I know that this will just be another learning experience if I let it change me first). I will admit that the mission is probably one of the hardest things that I will ever do in my entire life, but I need to realize that He is just preparing me for what will be happening next.
Take Care Everyone & Stay Safe!
Love, Elder Theodosis/Charlie

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