Steroids from Icicles and an Uneventful Week

Hey Y’all!

Not too much happened this past week at all, but we still keep trying to find ways to have fun with the work and not go completely insane.  You would think that everyone would be welcoming us into their homes at this time of year (especially when it is below freezing and there is snow everywhere), but that hasn’t been the case at all.  I have been enjoying Kearns a whole lot, but when things start to slow down and there isn’t much of anything that happens then I start to get extremely antsy and clueless as to what we are supposed to do next.  This week was just one of those weeks where you wonder if there is possibly anything that can make it at least a little good.  I will continue to try to stay positive about it and see where and who we can find next who has been prepared.


We meet with the Mission President this coming Friday, so I am sure that will help a whole lot with my work ethic, enthusiasm, and everything else.  I hope that everything is going well back home and that y’all are at least having better/warmer weather than what we have right now.

I love and miss all of y’all & hope to hear from y’all soon!


Elder Theodosis/Charlie


One thought on “Steroids from Icicles and an Uneventful Week

  1. You know what they say Charlie, “when the going gets tough the tough get going” also “continue to continue” also “nobody ever said this mission stuff was going to be easy”.

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