We Had A Miracle Baptism This Week!

Hey Y’all! Happy New Year!

We dished up a miracle this week and owe it all to God!

Here is how it all went down.  We had been teaching this 18 year old investigator, Arron, ever since I first came out here in September.  We had constantly been trying to extend a date to Arron  for baptism where he would accept it, but it would always fall through due to sickness, concerns about his job and getting his schedule.  Sometimes his older brother who used to live with him and his mom would be there to distract him and make him feel like he wasn’t ready at all.  His brother eventually got kicked out of the house because he would rather choose drugs over living with his family with certain rules he would have to live by.

Back to the story though.  We went over to his house last Thursday so that we could see what we could do to help him, but he surprised us by asking us if it was ok if he scheduled his baptism for 4pm on Saturday!  So we jumped on it and told him we would do everything we could to get him ready for it.  He got confirmed yesterday, and I have to tell you that I was probably the happiest person that you could ever run into because we FINALLY got him baptized!  Most of it came from putting our faith in Christ and seeing what He could do for us, and it felt awesome.


It was also awesome to hear from all of y’all on Christmas and to see how all of y’all were doing.  I’m glad that everyone is doing great and that everyone is finding ways to keep busy.  I honestly haven’t been this busy in my entire life, but I am truly grateful for what it has done for me though.  I have been able to get along with my companion Elder Mull pretty well, and we both know one of the main reasons why we were put together, and that is because we both struggle with patience.  We are both working on it like crazy though.  To sum it up, it is basically a love hate relationship between two Southern boys hahaha (He is from North Carolina).

It’s all good though!

Take care of yourselves everyone! (especially the Fam!)


Elder Theodosis/Charlie


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