We Have Baptisms, Snow, and a Death Threat

12-10(3)Hey Y’all,

A whole lot went on this week and we even had another baptism! His name is Even (it technically should be spelled Evan but that is how they spelled it), and he is 11. He was one of our miracle baptisms for this transfer and the reason why I say that is because he told us straight up that he wanted to be baptized. The service went really well and now he has entered the gates.

12-10We had our dinners this week with the Samoan ward that we cover in our Stake, and one thing that I learned from that is that they have Thanksgiving every single day (No joke). We had 3 dinners last week where it was Elder Tafengatoto, those who signed up for us, and myself and they would have 3-4 different dishes on the table just for that meal.

We have had a lot of snow this past week and I think that it is still falling. It has gotten below freezing and to the point that we have had almost 3 different times where we could have totaled our car, but it’s all good!  Elder Tafengatoto and I had our first legitimate death threat on our mission last week where we went to go knock on this guy’s door and he responded by saying: “Do you guys really want to be shot because this is the perfect place to do it”.  Then he just told us to go away and never come back.  My comp and I were laughing as we walked away though just because of how ridiculous it was.12-10-(2)

I don’t have much else to say, but we did have Stake Conference last week and we got a new Stake President.  I hope all of y’all continue to take care of yourselves and enjoy this Christmas season!  Congratulations Andy on graduating from UT!  That is extremely awesome and I know that you will continue to be successful too! If you want me to send you a card for Christmas then email me your address.

Take Care Of Yourselves Everyone!

Elder Theodosis (Charlie)


One thought on “We Have Baptisms, Snow, and a Death Threat

  1. Well Elder, sounds like you have hit the big time, with in your face death threats and all. Did you call the police on this guy? He might just be a real creep.

    I’m really enjoying your stories and pictures. You are always the cutest person in the pictures.

    Congratulations on you wonderful success. Not every missionary gets the immediate gratification of seeing their success. I’m so happy you have.

    The missionary, Elder Johnson, who baptized my grandmother back in 1930 always felt like he had failed in his mission. He only baptized two people, my grandmother and my aunt. That same aunt hunted him up a few years ago. She asked him if he was on a mission in Texas in the early 30s. He started crying and said he was and that it was a terrible failure, he had only baptized one woman and her child. My Aunt B replied that she was that child and she was very thankful for his wonderful mission. She told him about all the people who were now in the church and all the missionaries who came from his two baptisms.

    My parents brought the gospel to the Gia Gia and Papou. So that is another connection from that one mission. That means that on the Theodosis side you are one more success from that guy, Elder Johnson. Those missionaries just came walking across Texas in those days.

    Some missionaries just came walking into Richland Springs, Texas, in the late 20s and found my grandfather, Joshua Munselle. He got baptized but didn’t tell my grandmother about it right away. When the missionaries came again, in the 30s, my grandmother and aunt were baptized. All this Mormon stuff caused a pretty horrible stir in central Texas. Big trouble for all. My mother was about 15 at the time. She hated it.

    Long story, bla, bla, bla. Anyhow, I’ll stop.

    How did your mom’s family come into the church? She probably has a wonderful story too.

    You take care sweetie. So proud of you. m

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