Marriages, Former Member Baptisms, Wiping Out On My Bike While Getting 6 Feet Of Air, Etc.

Hey Y’all!

There were a lot of interesting things that happened this week, and I will start out with the marriage that we had this week (nobody in our district or zone found anyone to mingle with so, don’t worry).  The marriage was for the family of those two girls that we baptized two weeks ago (Sammantha & Savanna). Their parents, like I said in the last letter, had been together 8 years, but they couldn’t find a good time to actually make it (marriage) happen so…  That’s when we stepped in and told them that they needed to get married or else they could not live with each other as a family for all eternity, and that was that.

The next cool thing that happened this week was that we were able to pick up eight new people to teach (two of which are families)!  We picked up some of them from church and get this, one of the families that we are teaching moved here from Congo over a year ago, but they still speak mostly French.  It is extremely hard to understand the mom, but her English is getting better.  The other family was referred to us by the bishop in the Acadamy Park Ward, and he told us that they wanted to learn more about the church so now we have those two families on date for the 22nd & 29th of this month!

We had a cool experience with seeing someone who was excommunicated from the church 3 years ago get back on the path and strive for a fresh new start by being baptized this past Saturday on the 1st. It was really cool to see and experience (and although I know I still have a lot more to do to fully commit myself to the Gospel), it shows that it is never too late to change the ending of your own life story (See Alma 7:15).

One last thing that happened this week was that I wiped out badly on my bike, but…. it was worth it because I got 6 feet of air on a dirt hill jump. I actually partially landed it but the shock wave afterwards threw me off my bike. Nobody was hurt or injured, and I only came out with a couple of scratches on my right pants leg.

I know that it isn’t as much as y’all usually like, but I will continue to update y’all.  Take Care Everyone & Congrats, Andy, On Your Graduation!  Pictures and evidence will come next week!


Elder Theodosis


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