We Baptized Someone This Week

Hey Y’all!

The work is starting to pick up a whole lot and we had a baptism this week to show for it too!  Her name is Kymbr (I know how to spell, but this is how she spells it) and she is 9 years old.  She is a “ginger”, but she has a soul, so it’s all good!  She was referred to us by her Grandma who is a strong and active member in the church. Her mom isn’t as much, but she still supports her in her decision.  Her cousin also got baptized with her but she is only 8, so it wasn’t one of “ours”.  I am still slowly but surely getting to where I want to be, and it is crazy how much more you can be tempted out in the mission field.  I know that is mainly the Adversary trying to bring me down and make think that I don’t need to be doing this.  The weird thing is that it happens even more after I bring someone (with the help of the Lord of course) unto Christ.  It has been frustrating at times, but I know that it is only to help strengthen my own faith so that I can keep on going forever.  I know that it will be happening a whole lot more after this coming week too because we are hoping to have 3 souls come unto Christ. Two of them are part of a less active family where the parents aren’t married yet; the parents are planning on getting married on Dec. 1st with our help, and the other is a 10 year-old girl who only lives with her mom.  It is crazy how many different things you can learn about just from the people you teach, and I know that we do this work for a very important reason.  Why else would we give up 2 years of our life if we didn’t know we could change/bless the lives of many?

Anyways, Congratulations Alex & Crosby!  That is awesome and I know that you will have an amazing time in Jamaica this week.  Oh, and Happy 29th Birthday Old Man, ha ha ha.  I’ll send you a Birthday Card to Mom so she can give it to you when you get back.

To Everyone Else, I love all of you and am glad to hear that you’re all doing well!  I miss y’all like crazy, but I know that this is something I need to do.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Elder Theodosis


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