Transfers This Week

Transfers were this week, (on Halloween) but nothing really affected me and I will still be in K-Town (Kearns,Utah) for another six weeks with Elder Tafengatoto!  We have been able to get along pretty well and we are working extremely well together now too.  We currently have 7 people on date for this month with more to come!  We have been able to meet literally all types of people here.  Most of the people we are teaching aren’t even married yet which is really weird because some of them are in their late 30’s to early 40’s.  It’s true that a lot of the people that live in Utah aren’t LDS; many are either less active or Catholic.  It is sometimes difficult work, but I am slowly but surely getting to enjoy it a little bit more here.  It is crazy how many Poly’s there are here but I think it is actually pretty cool because it seems like all of them (my comp included) are extremely nice and willing to provide for all our needs.

For Transfer Day we were able to go to the Jordan River Temple and do some work there, and later on that night we were able to hear from Gordon B. Hinckley’s brother Richard G. Hinckley.  It was awesome and we received a lot of great advice from him to keep us going for weeks to come.  He told us mainly about how we should be using our area books more because you’ll never know when any past investigator will have their time come for when they are willing to commit themselves to the Gospel.  I am in the same boat and I am learning a whole lot at the same time too.  I am slowly but surely committing myself more fully to the Gospel and I will continue to push myself until I know that I am living all the Christ-like attributes.  I had an amazing experience yesterday by being able to bear my testimony in all 6 of the wards that we cover, and the spirit felt so strong too!

I know that all of y’all can have the same thing happen to you if you have the desire to act on your faith, and stand up for what you believe in!  It just takes one person to change the lives of many.

Take Care Everyone!

Elder Theodosis


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