This Past Week Went Great!

Hey Y’all! This past week went extremely well and my companion and I are expecting to have at least one baptism this coming Saturday, the 27th!  The investigator’s name is Kathleen Wright and she used to be Catholic.  She has had other dates set to be baptized, but she somehow had fallen back into her old ways even though she is  extremely willing to listen to us. I invited her to be baptized on this coming Saturday & I even straight up told her that she would have to make herself be available or she would not be able to progress in the gospel.  I think that made her perk up a little bit and realize how important the gospel really is and why she needs it.  She even told us that she finds the Book of Mormon enjoyable, and I think that she is getting more comfortable and opening up more around us.  She literally has nothing, but she is extremely humble and willing to keep on learning how she can come closer to Christ.  I seriously hope that everything works out for the 27th like we have it planned.

Everybody that we teach has gone through a whole lot and they don’t have a lot to enjoy because of what either happened in their past or what is happening now. Most of them don’t have money so it has taught me a lesson in humility.  I will tell you now that I honestly am not used to living in environments like this where there are extremely beat up looking cars or apartments that smell horrible.  If they ever have anything tricked out, it’s usually something like 21 inch rims on an old Suburban or any other type of car that they have.  It’s sad because most of the people we teach here smoke or drink, but when it comes to paying off bills or rents, they literally have nothing. I have slowly been able to see why I have been sent here and I know that it has already taught me a whole lot to be grateful for what I do have.

Take care everyone, I love and miss all of you!

Elder Theodosis


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