New Food and New Experiences!


I had Dominican food & German food for the first time last week!  I also had something weird looking called spaghetti ice which is basically ice cream in the shape and form of spaghetti with fruit sauce that is supposed to be tomato sauce and fruit chunks that I guess are supposed to be meat balls.  Don’t question it, haha.

Well, we had a missionary training this week because it is every three weeks that we have those, and it has helped a lot for my companion and me.  We didn’t really lesson plan a whole lot before lessons and that has affected/determined how our lessons go, but now that we do plans I have seen a lot of improvement, and now we even role play (which I was not comfortable with at all before).  It helps out a lot though because you are able to see what the concerns of those you are teaching are, and what type of help they need to go further into the teachings of the gospel!  One other thing that we have done this past week was fast and pray for strength to overcome any desires (worldly) that were keeping us from feeling the spirit of God more strongly, and also preventing growing my faith in Christ.  It has made a difference for the most part now, and I know that it will make a difference in the long term too.

I am trying hard NOT to think about how long I have been out here, and with planes flying over us every five seconds (we are literally 30-45 minutes from Salt Lake City) it makes it a whole lot more challenging.  I am hanging in here though and I am always trying to find the small things in life that make me happy. We are riding bikes a little bit more now which is good and nice for a change, but the place I am in is really sketchy so I am constantly locking it up because I can’t really trust anyone here!  I hope all is well and I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well!  Thanks for the support!


Elder Theodosis


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